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[music] I don’t I would know what I would do. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted. Confused about your future? Not sure what you want to do? You are not alone. You don’t have to pick a certain career right then, you can switch and change your mind. If you’re not sure what you want to do, there’s some things we can do to help you figure that out. From a career aspect, then it really comes down to where you get to go to work versus having to go to work. Helping you find a rewarding career is a top goal for M State’s counseling services. There are three options for career exploration: a workshop, an individual appointment with one of our counselors, or you can take the personality and interest test online. It’s like, “wow, this is great stuff and I’m getting paid to do it. Lindsey and Mitch have used those tools to select a career path. It’s a lot better than not knowing. Actually, I’m able to, kind of, look forward to the future. Anyone can take advantage of the counseling service. It’s as easy as following some links. It’s really awesome watching that process with students, because they may come to us undecided and not knowing what they want to do and a lot of time they’re very unsure of themselves. And as they go to school, they just gain so much confidence in themselves and when they do find a path that it’s going to the right fit for them, they get really excited and it helps motivate then to continue on to be successful. I think it helped me a lot. It definitely put me in the right direction. I’m actually doing better in school. I actually strive and try to do better I feel like I have my life together. [music]

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