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Career Development: How to Fast Track your Career

a someone who’s been working in the job
sector and as the career coach for over 10 years I’ve work with close to a thousand
professionals and those people there are those that stood out something that
would take an average professional 30 years and a professional lifetime they’d
managed to do it in 10 to 15 for me particularly during my early days in the
recruitment industry I always found this fascinating what was it about them allowed them to progress so rapidly things
were consistent across all these individuals and could it be replicated
by others the conclusion that I came to was yes but before I share my key
strategies to fast track and accelerate your career it’s important to ask
yourself one big question are you willing and motivated enough to watch
the entire video whether you think the strategies are any good or not is not
the issue the issue is do you have to desire to be a high achiever and go on
to great things or are you happily satisfied with where you are because
ultimately these strategies will only work if you have that aspiration and the
ambition to be successful, and by committing to watching the whole video
from beginning to end is a sign that you’re willing to learn
and improve yourself to achieve that success and ultimately having the
potential knock-on effect of having more money greater status and the more exciting and
satisfying career so let’s get started! Set yourself a goal, what position do
you want to be in 10 years time but this can vary depending on where you are
currently within your career write it down and put the date next to
it now you’re going to list all the positions and job roles that are going
to be required on your career journey to reach in the ultimate goal so now in
essence what you’ve done is created your very own career timeline you now have a
target and something tangible to work towards and secondly created your very
own career plan you know the final destination and you have an idea of the
route that you going to take to get there stick a copy of your plants in their
visible and present so you don’t lose sight of your goal and the bigger
picture so now that you have your career plan
and roadmap is time to think about how you’re going to achieve it, now when
you’re in a job you usually left with three career defining actions do you move to a
similar role in a different company Stay in the job because of a promotion or do you need two more senior position
with a different company I referred to these thre actions as the hop skip
and jump so to progress your career you should be looking to either hop skip or
jump every one and a half to two years does if you’re working in western market
however if you’re working on the eastern side such as in Japan South Korea and
China the target should be around at three year mark and planning for your
move should really begin at least three to four months in advance it’s important to also keep in mind in
action can lead to career stagnation to so never get too comfy, don’t get stuck in
your comfort zone leave that for home because you’ve got a
far bigger vision for yourself out of the three actions the Jump is by
far the most important in progress in your career and this naturally makes it
the hardest. Most people usually prefer to Hop but when you do this you have to
do it with the strategic goal in mind and the Skip is usually a mixture of
luck and circumstances someone leaves and you’re in prime position to take the
more senior role to the first question is when is the right time to Skip? well
if he knew there are genuine opportunities within the company to move
up then it’s well we’re staying because you can see your career progress without
having to go through the effort or changing jobs however here you have to
be honest with yourself because companies will always make promises of
progression you have to work out whether this is a reality or not if you coming
up to the two year mark and you know that realistically nothing’s going to
arise anytime soon it’s time to either Hop or Jump now you need help if you are unable to
jump reasons for being unable to jump and how to solve them is something we’re
going to come too later to but with the hop being a sideways move he have to be
thinking how this move is going to help you in making that jump so you have to
think strategically here I’ve listed the following things
you should think about. What experiences and skills am I going to gain which are
going to help me in making the jump? are they paying for any recognised
qualifications which will increase my credentials with in my industry? will the
combination of my current skills and new skills make me more marketable candidate?
will this company’s reputation improve my own reputation and credibility within
my industry? hoping sideways purely for monetary
reasons just for a few thousand dollars a pounds might give you some short-term
gains but in the long run you could be sacrificing the bigger picture so it’s
important to ensure that your experiences from your hop will actually
help you in making the jump to the next level in achieving that long-term career
goal, and finally we come onto the jump firstly you need to understand what
things could be preventing you from making the jump here are categorised
them into two factors external and internal external are essentially factors
which are out of your control for example there aren’t any positions
available in the sector that you’re working for you to make the jump. Internal factors are those which you
have more control over and I’m going to focus on the two most important to the
first internal factor which is really going to be prevented you from moving up
to the next level issue CV and resume and the fact that is not getting enough
interviews at a higher level and you’re struggling to get your foot in the door and a second interview skills the fact
that they’re not good enough to convince the interview panel to give you the job
for the more senior position so for example the one interview that you do
get for the senior position they come back to you and say you’re a great
candidate but feel that you don’t have enough experience these two are by far
the biggest internal factors preventing you from progressing it’s a bit like
when you suffering from tiredness and fatigue you can take as many vitamin
tablets or shots of espresso as you like but the solution is as simple sleeping on
time and getting your daily seven to eight hours sleep we’re now going to look at ways you can
effectively improve your CV /resume and interview skills, by making some smart
investments. Sowith regards to your CV and resume it needs to make an impact
and really market your skills at their most optimal see it as your very own professional
marketing brochure I would suggest that you look into
having it professionally written most writing companies will give you an
initial assessment so it’s well worth having a chat with them alternatively another option is to get
hold of my thirty-page CV and resume writing eBook which you can download for
free at it’s full
of examples before and afters and I would highly recommend it as a way to
benchmark and improve your CV. Secondly with regards to improving your interview
skills. When interviewing for a role at higher banding the competition is
naturally going to be stronger and you’re going to be the underdog you’re competing against other
professionals who are choosing to hop rather than trying to jump so you have
more to prove and you’re going to have to do more to prove your credentials
because you’re not as experienced now there are many resources available
online I mean you just have to go in to YouTube and type in ‘interview advice’
however if you’re looking for a foolproof system to really ramp up your
Interview performance I recommend you enroll onto our online interview training
course where you can learn and master our IPReP methodology which was developed by
yours truly you can register at job to find
out more and finally before I go I put together create fast-track bundle which
you can download for free from job we continue our very own
career roadmap planner, career accelerator checklist, my thirty-page
CV/resume writing eBook and access to my online interview training course
where you can watch certain course videos for free including how to answer
the question ‘what are your weaknesses’ so make sure you sign up and check it out moving forward in your career will
require the right motivation desire and investment and as I said at the start of
the video if you’ve made it this far I have no doubt that you have the inner flame
to do something about it and have that vision where you want to be and as
napoleon famously once said a goal is a dream with a deadline so what are you waiting for it’s time to
get started

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