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Career Fair Preparation and Tips

Welcome to the career fair preparation video Did you know recruitment for many roles in your field may take place months in advance Conducting research before the event will help you make a great impression Find out in advance which organizations will be attending the fair Prioritize the employers you want to target and learn as much as you can about the organizations that interest you Business cards can be easier than stacks of resumes for recruiters to manage and they show foresight and planning When job seeking or making new connections students are encouraged to maintain a professional and consistent online presence Before connecting with employers, create an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and review your existing accounts such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram and snapchat Prepare thoughtful focus and open-ended questions to ask employers or recruiters at the fair. You are encouraged to ask questions that show interest and your knowledge about the organization Prepare and practice your 30-second summary that outlines some key points about you as the potential candidate Rehearse your introduction well so that it flows naturally some points to consider as part of your introduction include Prepare your attire in advance. Ensure that your clothing is ironed, professional neat and clean. When you arrive at the career fair, stop by the registration desk to get a floor plan which will list all the employers and their booth numbers This floor plan will make it easier to navigate and target specific companies When visiting a booth for the first time attempt to establish rapport and build a connection Approach employers with warmth, enthusiasm and confidence Paying careful attention to your manners and professional etiquette can help in ensuring that you leave a positive impression on employers Be respectful of the employers time and demonstrate sensitivity to other jobseekers Smile and make eye contact say hello and offer a firm but not bone-crushing handshake Keep track of all the information that you gathered by making notes and recording details, insights, questions and job application instructions Follow up with new connections through email or LinkedIn Send personalized thank-you notes or messages to your new connections if you require additional supports to help you prepare for upcoming events Please visit the Career Center at 202 McLaughlin college

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