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Career Hacks: What to include in a cover letter

Your cover letter and CV go hand-in-hand
and should complement each other. But what’s the best way to write a cover
letter and what should you include? Hi everyone, welcome to Career Hacks I’m
Zoe, from Michael Page Procurement and Supply Chain. Your cover letter should
introduce you, demonstrate your interest, and draw attention to your CV. Personalise your letter. Put your contact
details at the top of the page and try to address the person who you are trying to
get in touch with. Tailor your cover letter. Make it unique to you and your
experience. Be positive. Your tone of voice should express how interested you
are in this role. Talk about the company know who you’re addressing and highlight
why you are interested in this particular company. Align your skills.
Make sure you can demonstrate your key skills and experience. For example, if
you’re going for a category manager role, make sure you can demonstrate that you
have three to four years’ experience. Whether it be in FMCG buying or buying
in the finance sector. Close your cover letter by saying: “I look forward to
hearing from you” or “I look forward to seeing you.” Thank
you for joining me. Hopefully, this was helpful and will help
you in your job search. If you found this video helpful for your
recruitment journey, why not subscribe to our Channel? And don’t forget to tap the
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