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Are you career ready? Can you identify and articulate your skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences relevant to your career goals? Are you able to explain areas where you need some professional growth? Part of becoming career ready is being able to navigate and explore job options while also taking the necessary steps to pursue professional development. Ultimately, the goal is that you are able to advocate for yourself and achieve your career aspirations. You’re actually working on this career competency right now by watching these videos! You might also be sharpening this skill by having regular meetings with your supervisors or professors to discuss your performance at work and in your classes. Knowing your strengths and how you can improve will help you navigate your career development process and identify ways in which you can continue to grow as a professional. Have you come to realize that you are no longer challenged in your current role? Consider asking your supervisor for new opportunities at work or for additional responsibilities and projects. Developing your professional network is also component of career management. Have you created a LinkedIn profile? How are you engaging with your professional networks online and in-person? You can utilize LinkedIn to find professionals to conduct informational interviews with if you are still exploring your potential career paths or if you have identified that you need to grow your professional network. We recommend always looking for ways to further develop your career competencies. Schedule an appointment through Handshake or stop by our office for more information on how you can become career ready.

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