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I’m a junior human development
family studies major here at Kent now. But when I came in as
a freshman in 2013, I was very much an
exploratory student. I pretty much fell on the
side of the spectrum that had no clue what they wanted
to do with their life or what direction I was going. So that was really
stressful for me. So I was definitely
looking for something to help guide me in that
process to figure out what I wanted to do. A lot of the things about being
an exploratory major to me is that there’s just
so many options. There’s so many possibilities. There’s so many different
forks in the road. Like most people think
exploratory means you’re just undecided. You don’t have a grasp
of what’s going on. But some people might have
a grasp of what’s going on, but they just need reassurance
of how to get there. I came in undeclared. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I like science kind of. But other than that, I had
no idea what I wanted to be. I wanted to be in chemistry. I wanted to be in psychology. And I wanted to be in math. So freshman year, I took
courses from each little area. And I found out that,
after the first semester, I still liked all three. I had come into college
obviously very indecisive as an exploratory student. But I was a pretty
indecisive person in all aspects of my life. I didn’t have a lot of
confidence in myself or my ability to make decisions. So after taking that
course, I had picked a major by the end of that semester. And I definitely think that
the course helped me do that. And that it helped me gain a
lot of confidence in myself and my ability to decide what
I wanted to do with my life. And to just be confident in
those decisions that I made. I highly recommend for anyone
to take the career navigation class because it’s just
such a good experience. And even if you think you
have a career set, even if you think you have a
major set, I’d still recommend taking the class. Because it might just open
up a whole bunch of doors that you just
thought were closed. And give you insight to
things that you actually might enjoy a little bit
more than what you have. It’s something that
you don’t think of. It explores all these options,
and all these interests, and subjects that you didn’t
discover in high school. I actually am
getting a dual degree in biology and psychology now. And I have to say it is
honestly 99% of their help. They helped figure out
the characteristics I had. The characteristics
for the job I wanted. And overall, the
course was amazing. The career navigation
course is for students at Kent State University who
are undecided in their major. It is split up
into two sections. The first half of the
course is for students to really get
involved in knowing who they are, knowing what they
like, what they don’t like, their personality traits. And the second
half of the course is carrying those–
what they’ve learned from the first
half of the course into the application
part of the course, which is the second half
of the semester. And that’s where they learn
about their occupational personality traits. They learn about occupations. They do job shadowing. They do in class activities. They learn from one another. And basically what we
hope for them at the end is that they leave
with an action plan. And they learn what they
want to do in the future. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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