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Career Paths for Study Coordinators – Clinical Research

hey guys ECR G here back with another
video today we’re going to be talking about career paths for study
coordinators so if you’re interested in learning about more career paths stay
tuned hey guys Serg here back with another
video today we’re talking about career paths for study coordinators now this is
an interesting topic because a lot of study coordinators feel stuck they feel
like they’re stuck at the site level and they either want to get to the CRO or
the sponsor level or find out a better way to move up at the site level which
can be very difficult and we’re gonna go about some of the career paths that are
out there and some of the job opportunities that are out there for
people with study coordinator experience but if you’re listening to this and you
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now back to the video study coordinators have a hard time moving up at the site
level because there are other roles at the site level there are people like
site managers there are different levels of study coordinators you’ve got level 2
level 3 but after you’ve exhausted those different levels of study coordinator it
becomes a little bit harder to become a site manager because typically somebody
who’s a site manager they require a good amount of experience for that and to be
honest not even all clinics even have that opportunity or that role so or that
role could be fulfilled by someone who’s like the owner of the site or or a
partner in the site ownership so you basically you’re not getting that role
unless they sell it to you or you know they die and then they promote you or
something something along those lines they lead the company and they promote
you something along those lines so that is something that a lot of people
have been emailing about and wondering you know how do I get promoted from the
study coordinator position well that is one way as you can hope to get a site
manager role or you can move to a site where they have that type of role but
like I said is not at all sites but if they do have it and you’re interested
then you can once again analyze how to get into that role but a lot of people
that are study coordinators are interested in some of the more cro type
roles and i feel like getting to the cro is one of the better ways to get to the
sponsor level too because typically sponsors want to hire people with cro
experience because really the people really people really the sponsors want
to bring that stuff in-house want to start bringing the CRO tasks in-house so
they want people with the CRO experience in order to kind of help them facilitate
bringing those tasks in-house so really I think your best bet to get to the
sponsor level is to kind of go do a few years in the CRO world but one of the
best roles for you in the CRO world one of the easiest roles is to become a CRA
once your study coordinator and I say that because study coordinators work
hand in hand with CRA s they are some of the people that they have the most
frequent contact with on a daily basis weekly basis they’re there for the site
qualification visits they’re there for the initiation visits they’re there for
every intra monitoring visit they’re there for the closeout visits you know
the study coordinators are there with the CRA running the trial so that isn’t
great opportunity for study coordinators to become a CRA one day and all the time
the CEOs are looking for people with study coordinator experience to become
CRA s I’ve seen where they come out with these training programs with these
entry-level training programs where they’re only looking for study
coordinators I know this because I’ve been in a position before where I’m not
a study coordinator never have been when the interest of full disclosure but I’m
getting frustrated because hey I’ve got zero experience but they’re
only looking for people outside of the CRO so but that’s a great opportunity
for you if you’re a study coordinator to take advantage of getting your foot in
the door in a CRO through one of those programs but it’s not unheard of for a
study coordinator to get in as a CRA without one of those programs also just
depending on your amount of experience so I say one to two years probably lean
on the side of two years before you can make that jump to a CRO but it’s
definitely possible and I think one of the best ways to do it as a CRA but
there are a lot of people out there who are not interested in traveling so the
next best way the next best role to hop into the CRA is the in-house CRA or they
have other roles out there now maybe site manager may be remote CRA may be
risk based CRA they get all these different type of names maybe Central
monitor they’ve got all these type of names for them and that is the next best
role for it now what they do is going to be different every company but basically
they’re there to help the CRA they help collect document from the site a lot of
see remote see arrays are actually monitoring now so they’re gonna be
monitoring the data and basically the only two things that they don’t do are
gonna be things that only can be done on-site so I pay accountability and
source that and source data verification so those are the only two tests that
they are not going to be able to do because you got to be on-site to do
those things so that is another good route and of course the in-house CRA
communicates with the study coordinators a lot also so I feel like study
coordinators would have a good chance of getting that role because they work hand
in hand with each other all the time especially if you’re doing monthly calls
with an in-house CRA person so that’s another great role for a study
coordinator now I have another one here that probably a lot of people don’t
think about and a lot of people don’t think about this when they want to get
into the industry most people just think CRA CRA I want to be a CRA but the third
role I have for you is of course study startup specialist now you’re probably
saying EC RG what is that I never that before well a study start a
specialist is essentially what it sounds like study startup specialist they’re
there to help the study startup so what they do is they collect documents from
the site they work with the site to collect the first round of documents so
they’re gonna be in there connecting the financial disclosure forms from the P I
and sub eyes they’re gonna be collecting that initial 1572 they’re gonna be
collecting all of the GCP training from that initial sites that they’re gonna be
collecting protocol signature pages they’re gonna be doing all those
documents in all the startup procedures this helpful helping facilitate that for
the beginning of the trial and then once the trial actually starts they hand off
the trial to the project team and you know this study startup process can take
anywhere from weeks to months but at but they are only on the study for the
startup phase and then they hand it off to the project team and then they go
back to start up another study so that’s why they’re called study start-up
specialists and it’s a good role because a study coordinator is gonna be used to
handling all those documents they should have experience working with a study
stirred studies startup person because they are gonna be the ones collecting
all those documents now not every CRO because I’m not not well-versed on every
single CRO but I know a lot of CEOs do have dedicated study startup people that
hand off the study to the CEOs project team after the study has been fully
started up and it’s a great role for people that are interested and you know
study coordinators that really like the startup phase or just to get your foot
in the door of a CRO because that can be difficult in and of itself so that’s the
third for the CRO role that you can get in and then we already talked about site
manager earlier on about a role at the site that someone can get if your study
coordinator but I think the other three CRA in-house CRA and study startup
specialists are probably the best ways to get in if your study coordinator and
probably the best of your skills there’s also
project specialist project coordinator if you’re interested on the project side
but I find that study coordinators have an easier time to get in on the clinical
side because that’s where a lot of your experience is you work hand in hand with
the clinical team so I feel like you have the best opportunity to get in on
the clinical side of a CRO so I guess as a distant as a distance fifth option we
can put project coordinator project specialists if you’re really interested
in project management you might be so that’s a distant fifth but I feel like
it’s better to kind of get your foot in the door on the clinical side just
because interviewing will be easier transferable skills will be easier and
just an overall easier transition for you from the site side to the clinical
side rather than go insight to project side but it’s not impossible it can be
done so it’s all a matter of what you want what you’re interested in and you
know what kind of role you’re really looking for so I hope this was helpful
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guys you

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  • Quality Assurance/Study Coordinator on CV looks way better than study coordinator. QA is easy transition to CRA. Most times you can just ask your PI if you can QA your study and other studies at site. I don't know anyone who wouldn't say yes.

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