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Career Pathways

In the 21st Century, employers demand much
from their incoming workforce. Newport News Public Schools aims to equip
all of our students with the skills, opportunities, and experiences to create the future workforce
now, through Career Pathways. Career Pathways in Newport News Public Schools
introduces students to grade-appropriate career development experiences at all grade levels. Students are given many options to find the
right career for them, offering 16 Career Pathways, many of which are supported by local businesses
and global industries located right here in Hampton Roads. Starting in our early learning centers and elementary schools, our highly trained teaching staff helps pre-kindergarten through 5th grade
students investigate a variety of careers and post-secondary opportunities to excite
the learning process. These young students make powerful connections
between the skills they’re learning now, and how they’ll use this practical knowledge
to benefit the world around them. Teachers invite guest speakers and organize
school-wide college and career fairs to make career exploration exciting and informative. As our students move into middle school, their
Career Pathways involvement increases as they explore more career options, participate in
hands-on experiences, and use this growing knowledge to inform their class selections
in middle and high school. Through research and collaborative learning,
and motivated by personal interests, 6th through 8th grade students work on Career Investigation
Projects to gather more details about different Career Pathways options. And with many business partners committed
to assisting our schools in training the workforce of tomorrow, middle school students participate
in mentorships, field experiences, and job-shadowing opportunities. High school students in Newport News Public
Schools become fully engaged in Career Pathways by shaping their resumes with knowledge, skills,
and job experiences that are sure to impress future employers. Students are encouraged to participate in
internships, apprenticeships, and clinical experiences, to gain a wealth of practical,
on-the-job training at an early age. And Youth Development initiatives help to
shape our students’ college, career, and citizen-readiness traits. Service Learning Projects and Cooperative
Education help teach students the power of teamwork, and the rewards of giving back to
the community. In Newport News Public Schools, Career Pathways
is preparing students far beyond their next job interview, its preparing a generation
for success in life.

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