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We are in the
unbelievable position
to be able to communicate
all of the great things that Lowe’s does to help
people love where they live. Communications at Lowe’s
is a very exciting and dynamic environment. No day is ever the same and
that’s really what makes it fun and unlike any other
experience I’ve ever had. At the heart of it, I think,
in corporate communications, we are storytellers and we’re
able to tell that story to our employees, to the
media, to the community, in a number of different ways. We do that through video. We can tell
inspirational stories. We do that through blogs where
we’re informally communicating about what’s going
on in the company, equipping leaders with talking
points or messages to help them cascade that information
to their teams. It really runs the gamut. I’ve worked for other big
Fortune 100 companies. My experience at Lowe’s
has been unlike any other. I really do feel like I’m
part of a family here. I know what we do matters and I
feel grateful every single day that I get to work with people who have that sense of
pride and passion like I do.

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