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Career Rut (Why and How to Fix it)

Career rut. Do you feel like you are in a
rut? Like you’re not advancing? That you’re not getting anywhere, like there
is no growth whatsoever, and you feel just bored with what you’re doing in
your job? Well, if that’s the case watch this video till the end so you
don’t only learn why you’re feeling this way but what you can do to fix it. And it
doesn’t necessarily mean getting a different job. If you want to find and
nurture your ideal vocation, occupation or hobby
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what is a career rut? Well, there isn’t one single definition that’ll tell you “yes,
you’re definitely in a career rut”. It is more a combination of the way you’re
feeling with the way your career is going. Feeling or knowing to a certain
extent that there is little to no more career advancement if you continue doing
what you’re doing and it’s kind of like this feeling of feeling stagnant and
that things are not moving forward in a way that’s satisfactory for you. But in
case you’re not completely sure, what are some signs that you could potentially be
in a career rut yourself? Well, one potential sign is that you’re
feeling bored with what you’re doing currently, and you have been feeling this
way for a long time now. Now, each person is different maybe for
some people a year is a long time for others it might be four or five years
even, and yet for others, it will be kind of like, their
entire lifes feeling that way, but I will say a good rule of thumb here
will be that you’ve been in the same position for two to three
years, and you have seen no advancement whatsoever, or any prospects for
advancement, and you’ve been feeling weird for over a year. Now, I think that
will be a very good guideline but don’t use that if you are feeling like you are
in a rut, like you’re not advancing that you’re not progressing and that bothers
you, then you’re probably in this category of people and we’re gonna cover
some tips on what you can do to fix this situation for yourself,
but before we do that… now that we know what is the feeling of, you know… career
rut, let’s cover why you might be feeling this way, because if you know why
you’re feeling this way yourself, then you’re gonna be
able to tell what is the best solution for your particular case and we’re gonna
cover some of these in the following minutes. So, as human beings, we have the
innate need to feel like we are progressing in our lives, like we’re
doing things that have meaning and things that will continue to build up,
like we are part of something bigger than ourselves and this is important to
know for a couple of reasons, for example you might be in what most people will
consider a career rut… for example you’ve been doing the same job for ten years
or five years and you may not feel that there’s anything wrong with that, right?
Maybe you’re getting that feeling of progression in your life when it comes
to your family…building a family having your children grow and having
them improve through their lives and helping them in that way.
That could give you that feeling of progression, or maybe you’re the kind of
person who has a hobby or a different occupation on the side that you really
enjoy, and you see that progression in that area of your life or in your
relationships, or in any other way of manifesting that feeling of progression
and your main occupation you just get a paycheck from it, and you’re perfectly
okay with that. You’re okay with doing the same tasks, it’s not like you’re
bored, you’re okay, you like the people there and you’re enjoying yourself
mostly through those things that are most important to you in your life. In
that case even though you could be in a career rut, it wouldn’t really matter to
you, maybe this is not the video for you but if you are the second type of person
that’s a person who doesn’t feel right where they are and that’s why you’re
looking for this, because you feel like you’re in a rut right now, you feel
like something is not right, and that you need to change something… so
basically, if you are feeling weird or strange about the fact that you’ve being
in the same career in the same position perhaps for a while now and
maybe you don’t feel like there is a lot of room for advancement or improvement
or progression then it’s likely that you are one of the people who places a
lot of importance on specific career advancement or progressing when it comes
to career and work life, and contributing in the career sense of the word.
And you don’t necessarily get that feeling of progression from other areas
of your life. Now, there are two possibilities in that: you are the
kind of person who could get that feeling of progression if you just started doing
other things aside from your job if you got a little bit more… let’s say if you
enhance your perspective a little bit, if you are that kind of person
who’s okay doing that and feeling like “you know what? this makes sense, I
don’t feel like I’m progressing but that’s because I’ve been doing the same
thing at work and the same thing in my relationships, the same thing when I go
back home, and since I don’t get that feeling of progression, I am feeling
weird now, I didn’t even know that was a reason”. So now you know, and you can
potentially do something different when you go back home. You don’t necessarily
have to change your job. Another possibility is: you have your same
job but you can take on different responsibilities, maybe you can help some
peers, maybe you can get a transfer to a different part of your company, if that’s
the way you’re feeling, well that’s it. Maybe you are the kind of person who
likes exactly what you’re doing, you love your career, you want to keep at it but
you are feeling unenthusiastic about it for a while now, and that is potentially
because you are no longer in a state of flow. What do I mean by that? Well,
sometimes people who feel they are in a career rut, are people who have already
achieved some degree of… having been promoted or you got somewhere and you’ve
been progressing your entire life… you already took like, I don’t know… multiple
degrees on the side, maybe you had a bachelor’s and you got a master’s and
you got certifications and you got all these things and you’ve managed to get
to a good position in a good company but for a while now, you haven’t been feeling
challenged and you feel like maybe your career got to a stopping halt, and
you don’t feel like maybe you can make it to the next level, and one of the
reasons for that might be okay maybe in your particular situation for you to
advance the boss on top of you will have to leave and they’re still relatively
young, they really like what they’re doing and it’s unlikely that they’re
going to pick you or maybe your company is the kind of company where they’re
going to bring someone else and put them on top of you even if you are the next
one in line, so to speak. And again, we’re talking very focused on a
traditional job here but that’s the whole thing about the
feeling of progression. It’s just something basic that happens to every human being.
So there are multiple things you can do but it all comes down to figuring out
for yourself like okay am I really okay? And that is just a sense of “I don’t
feel like I’m being challenged right now and I want to be feeling a little bit more
in flow” and being in flow just means that you have a lot of skill at what you
do, but you also feel challenged enough that you are not bored with your tasks.
What happens over time is that you get used to a position, your abilities
increase and then you don’t feel challenged anymore,
and maybe you feel like like is this all there is to, so you can just put more
challenge into your life by trying out a different initiative, trying
something that’s a little bit out of the comfort zone, that could potentially be
an experiment from your company, try and do something maybe
transfer to a different company or do something that’s gonna rock the
boat a little bit to keep you growing in that sense, growing a sense of your own
skillset your abilities and the way you see yourself when it comes to your
career. Now, I know this is not the most traditional advice when it comes to
career ruts. Most people will be like oh yeah you’re gonna figure out how to get
promoted, you’re gonna figure it out if you’re gonna go to a different company
that’s gonna have more potential for advancement,
but really it doesn’t necessarily affect the root problem of it all, which is
as I said, having that feeling of “I am growing in my life”. So it all comes
down to doing that diagnostic process for yourself and knowing okay I’m not
really okay where I’m at with the level of income I have, and all these things
and I can just focus on a different area of my life and then focus on getting a
feeling of progression from it or I might be the kind of person who really
absolutely 100% needs to get that feeling of progression from my career or
my current occupation. Now, it’s important to realize this because even if you
change your career, you might end up being in the same place four years from
now, once you get accustomed to the new way of doing things, so what you can do
is just do a research process, figure out what exactly is it that I don’t like?
Again, in the case of the person who knows they want to fix something in
their work life specifically, what is it exactly that you don’t like about your
job? What is it that you could do to improve it? How can you get more
challenge into it? How can you grow even further? Because at the end of the day,
that’s what’s at the core of it right? So comment below if you’ve ever
felt like you were in a career rut yourself. So now you know what a career
rut is, how to figure out if you are feeling that way yourself and why
exactly that feeling arises not only that, but you got an idea
now of how you can get that feeling of progression in your life
whether that’s from a career or from another area of your life. Now, if you
want me to go more in depth into how exactly to do that in another video for
you guys comment below and let me know. If you like this video, remember to hit
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  • I was unaware of the concept of "career rut." I like the alternatives and views you've presented, and looking forward to you going deeper into this. 🙂

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