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Career Services Benefits: What can SLU do for you?

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us
today and welcome to our webinar presentation discussing the many
benefits that our Career Services office has for our alumni. If this is your first
webinar, welcome, and I’d like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Amanda
Hente and I am the Alumni Professional Development Coordinator here at Saint
Louis University. I started my role in July of 2015 and since then, I’ve been
working on establishing and strengthening alumni professional
development programming and this webinar series is a part of that initiative. So
over the years, so far, I’ve had many alumni at different points reach out to
me for career information, not realizing, that our Career Services Office
here at SLU has a lot to offer. As alumni, you have benefits for life. So
today, we’re here with Cori Wagner; one of our Career Counselors who’s going to
talk to you about all the benefits that you all have as alumni. Welcome Cori… Thank You Amanda. Hi everybody! Like Amanda said, my name is Cori Wagner. I’ve been at SLU for about 8-9 months now, so I’m getting the hang of it here and wanted to share some of
the resources that are available to alumni that’s for some of you this
might be a reminder, some of you might have not had any idea that these
services were available so we thought it might be helpful to go through what some
of those are. Ok, wonders of technology. All right so the
first question as Amanda said all alumni of Saint Louis University are
eligible for Career Service assistance for life. So yes, no matter what program
you came from, no matter what level, we’re available to help in lots of different
ways for graduates of all different areas. So yes, that includes you. So some
of the services that are available would include, individual appointments with a
career counselor. That is probably one of the most common type of way we work with alumni, is through individual appointments. And we’ll talk a little bit
more in a few slides about why alumni tend to want to work with a Career
Counselor; different reasons you might want to come in for that. Another thing
that a lot of alumni are not aware of is that they have access to different
resources, that you also had access to as, some of you more recent alum, would have
had access to as students while they were here at SLU. So we’ll go through how
to get access to some of those resources and show you a few and explain a little
bit about how those could benefit you. And the third thing we’ll talk just briefly about are a lot of alumni have questions regarding
whether or not they are able to attend different fairs sponsored by the
University. Yes, alumni can attend the career fairs that we host as well as a lot of the different professional networking events as well. So some of the the reasons you may want
to talk to a Career Counselor would just depend on sort of the spot you’re at in
your career life. Recent alumni are going to have
different needs than alumni who have been out you know for 10 20 30 years and
we do see all of that range. So that’s not uncommon. Depending on where
you’re at, you could benefit from a variety of the ones listed here
as well as other things that may come up and you just aren’t sure what you need.
That happens more often than you might think as well. And we’re happy to
help with any any of these things so resume and cover letter writing for a
lot of alumni that’s just cleaning up if you’ve been in a position for a while or
if you’re sort of looking at advancement or redirection, getting some assistance
in making your resume and cover letter more suitable for the direction you’re
heading. That’s a lot of what we do with alumni. And it can be really helpful,
especially for those who are switching into maybe taking a little bit
of a turn in their career or trying something new. Or just not sure how
to properly market themselves for the experience that they have. So that can be
something that not a lot of people have a ton of practice in doing that if they’ve been in the same position and same company for many years. So we can be helpful to alumni in that regard. The other thing that often happens for those who are considering redirection or a major career change, is
that they’re finding that it’s just not the right fit. The career that they
thought they wanted, is not making them as happy as they think they could be.
Perhaps they’re not using the strengths they know they have in a way that they think is helpful. So for any any of you who are sort of
questioning that, there are different personality strengths and interest
assessments. We can also talk about things like values. If
it’s just not feeling like the right fit; that’s a conversation we often have with
alumni as well. Other things such as interview practice. That’s something that
people who are switching fields might be interested in as well. And then some
other things that are more resource based- we have a lot of information on
resources that can be helpful for job search, like company research, things like
that. The Internet is as big as it is has a lot of crazy things out there but also
has a lot of really helpful things that can be good tools for you if you’re
researching salary ranges. We’ll talk about that a little bit more. And other
things related to job searches. Professional Networking and Social Media:
that’s something that in the last 10 to 15 years has grown into a
huge animal and so if that’s not something that was a part of your job
search the first time around, we can help you navigate that new landscape, which is
really a huge part of the job search process these days. So that’s something
we can definitely be of assistance with. Salary and Offer Negotiation: we have a
lot of people who come in to talk about that because they’re just not sure of
the right way to go about those conversations. So those are conversations
that we can have with you to help you navigate those situations. And then
the last thing listed there Help Utilizing Handshake: we’ll talk more
about Handshake. It is the University’s job and internship posting board. So we
can talk about how you get access to that towards the end. Oh, okay, we’ll talk
about Handshake right now. So like I mentioned, Handshake is what the
University uses to post any job as internships including on-campus
positions for you know current students. So that’s a search tool and it’s used by
more than 17,000 employers so that’s a crazy amount of employers. This is a
company that has grown very very quickly and many universities and many employers
are using Handshake. I would say it’s probably one of the top job posting boards out there right now. So SLU is very involved with Handshake we have a lot of employers who are posting through there. You can see 100-plus jobs added every day. So there’s a lot to
look at, and a lot of people assume that those are just positions in St. Louis
because that’s where we are, but this is a nationwide job posting system. So not
only other employers from thousands of companies, but those companies can choose who they’re posting these positions to. So we
have some employers who post maybe just for Saint Louis University
students, others who would post for any student. So it is a very large
system. As far as these systems go however, it’s very easy to navigate. I’ve
used several different sort of job portals in my previous positions, and this is by far the most user-friendly one that I’ve come
across. And within it, it includes a resume review feature. Meaning, that every
resume that gets uploaded into that system, is reviewed by a Career Counselor
in Career Services before they’re able to submit the application. That
is something that we do for all levels of current student and alumni. So we will
give feedback on those. We will automatically approve them if they’re
attached to applications. So if you’re in a time crunch and there might
be things that a few counselors would suggest you change, that application will
still go through because we don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity, but we
might still give feedback to help you with applications down the road. So to
get access to that account as alumni, you might not automatically see that or have
access to that any longer, but you simply just email [email protected] and
include your graduation year and then an account will be set up for you and
you’ll be contacted back to get that going. So there are several additional
resources that we find really helpful with not only students but alumni as
well. There’s different ways you can be involved in these using these different
resources. So Vault and Glassdoor have some similarities. And I will show you
briefly what those kind of look like and what they are Okay, so Vault- if you’re someone who’s
considering a career redirection or a change; specifically if you’re looking to
research companies, this is a really helpful tool because you can search by
all different means. So Vault has a lot of top you know like
top 100 law firms, top ten marketing companies, just tons and
tons of these top-ranked company lists. So you can search and find out
“What are the employers that are sort of the best, being ranked the
best, at this moment in time.” The other thing you can do it within Vault is do
some salary research. However, I actually find that Glassdoor, which is another,
which I need to get out of that, maybe it won’t let me.
Okay well we’ll just that’s what Glassdoor looks like. We can’t get in there
right now, but what you can do is set up an account, put in a little bit about
your current level of experience and then your location and your industry, and
it will give you basic sort of benchmarking so that you can see where
you should be salary wise, which then gives you more power to
negotiate down the road. So that has actually been a really helpful tool for
a lot of students and alumni in the past. Back to the presentation. Okay, so Vault and Glassdoor not unlike the rest of these, are the kinds of resources that you
really just have to get in and play around with them; try different
searches to find the information. But if that’s something that you’re
using you have questions about, or you’re not getting the answers you need, you can
feel free to contact us and we can help with that as well. Going Global is a website for those interested in working abroad. So if you are an
alum who is interested in maybe you worked domestically for a while but
you really would like to travel more and see the world, there is a lot of good
information on that website about how you start that process, which countries
are safe, how you make that happen, if you’re interested in going
abroad. SLUvisors is something that some of you may actually be involved in
already. That is a system that connects alumni mentors to current students. So
this would be more on the Alumni end if you are interested in providing guidance
and mentorship to an undergraduate student here at SLU you could sign up
for that. There’s lots of different parameters that you would set
up within that so that the students can connect with you and learn about what
you do day to day. Interview Stream is fairly new. There’s a
big push lately to do video interviewing and a lot of times they’re pre-recorded
where you may have one attempt to do it, you may have multiple. But Interview
Stream allows you to practice questions and answers so that you can be more
prepared for those. And has just some basic videos and sort of
testimonials about different careers and what those careers are like. So
that is a compilation of the most helpful resources for alumni that we
have available other than simply working with a Career Counselor in person.
Speaking of in person, so because we live in a digital world we do not expect
for an alum in California to come to St. Louis to meet with us. We have ways
to assist you and using lots of different
means. So we can have phone appointments, Skype appointments, a lot of what we do
with alumni is done via email because a lot of it has to do with document review. But I would say the majority of my alumni meetings are over the phone. Alright, and I think we’re to the last
slide already. So to make an appointment, there’s two ways you can do that. You can
call the number listed or you can email [email protected] and that calling that number or emailing that will connect you with the
right Career Counselor depending on your needs and that will get you taken
care of. So thank you, Amanda I think that’s all I have. Thank you, Cori
for your presentation and helpful information for our alumni. And thank you
for tuning in and listening to this webinar. We hope you can join us for
future presentations. Have a great day!

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