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Career Starters – Trailer

So the three points we’re
trying to get over in a CV are that you take
responsibility, you achieve things, and that
you’re nice to have around. What can I do for you? How can I can help you? As you start out
on your career, I want to share something I
found empowering for myself. Look, obviously,
this is an interview. Breath behind the voice is
important to give your voice energy. People that have a
natural curiosity, people that work well with
other individuals, people that understand
social dynamics. We live in an attention economy. You need to know how to
connect with your audience, and connect with them fast. Actually, everyone gets
scared by stepping out of their comfort zone. Scone? It’s comfort zone. Yeah. Another comfort scone. Overall, it’s something that
everyone can learn to do well.

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  • As a soon-to-be graduate beginning the search for jobs, this has come at a great time. Thanks FT! Also please give me a job.

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