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Career Training and Development at NSA

If you’re looking for a place where you
can work and you can grow from day to day, increase your skill set while still
giving back to others, NSA is the place. I’m doing a program we
call after-hours where you get full tuition assistance to do like a master’s
program. So I’m right now pursuing my MBA at the University of Baltimore and the
agency’s paying for my tuition and there’s no way I could have continued my
education without the agency paying for my tuition. We routinely have to take
classes to learn new skills or to learn new programming languages or something like that for a new project.

One Reply to “Career Training and Development at NSA”

  • Do you guys do anything cool.. Look this is what im lookin for… I need to have a a whole department dedicated to language ,influence, stradedgy.
    what's your mission like, do you pay by the hour then call it a career, or do you offer salary.. <– this is important, it will give a good idea of where your motives are, how important the mission is to you, I can tell if its about business, policy, crap… or if about discovery, adventure, real goals of developing things , and completing missions type stuff.

    Why do have NSA people going to college? Like why do you need a degree if your already working for the NSA, ( if NSA is worth money, or the time, they should have the capability, to teach. ( by saying you have to go college, you saying your company is capping off at education… like I want place where I start a career and the Skies the limits… move all the way up TGB the way I mean it

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