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Career Transition Assistance helped Catherine reskill and find a job

I was looking for work for over two years. I had looked at the paper, I looked to
the internet. I’ve spent almost 30 years nursing, most of my working life. I’ve
actually just presented letters of reference which is very old-fashioned.
From that point of view even cover letters and how to apply for a job was
really beyond my skills. My self-esteem was very low. I felt a bit angry that I
should found myself unemployed. CTA or Career Transition Assistance is an
eight-week program and covers off on digital literacy, which is a massive
component, goal-setting to keep you on track. You’ve got resumes, you’ve got cover letters, interview skills and also job
search and employer engagement. Having someone walking beside you and reminding you of how capable you are. Having you keep on track, help you with your resumes and your cover letters it just gives you that momentum to keep trying. We have
seen some amazing results here and diverse employment. The benefit I think
more than anything is that community spirit and support. A few weeks into the CTA course I was able to adequately send an email, attach a cover letter to
an email which is very important to actually get a job. I was able to typeset,
sort of so basically format a letter. We’re actually able to help each other
in a moral and supportive way but also people that had different levels of
IT skills. I received a job offer as a educator in a nursery, which is a
full-time job which is fantastic. I was very very excited as the trainer
will actually know. I would thoroughly recommend the CTA program, just to
overcome your fears and the challenge. That course is completely suited to everyone’s needs.

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