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Careers at L’Oréal – A Thrilling Experience, A Culture Of Excellence

No. 1 cosmetics group worldwide More than 76,000 employees 130 countries 27 international brands [Leah, Human Resources]
L’Oréal really is about how we evolve careers, how we develop individuals, and how we support the business
to achieve our ultimate goals. Training:
58 million euros invested per year Commitment:
31 million euros contributed to philanthropy Responsibility Thrilling Challenging [Sylvain, Research and Innovation]
My job in L’Oréal is to create the product of the future, and to really focus
all our attention and the attention
of my team on innovation. What makes marketing
in L’Oréal innovative is that we tie together [Malena, Marketing]
an extremely strong partnership with the labs, unique approaches
to understanding the consumer, and our own innovative school
of thought. Sales at L’Oréal is not
only about turnover. [Steven, Business Development]
It’s about understanding the consumer. L’Oréal as a Group invests [Wojciech, Operations]
in the latest technology in every operations field, which allows us to produce the most advanced
beauty products in the market. Fast:
90% of products manufactured in-house Innovative:
721 million euros invested in research per year Scientific [Pamella, Research and Innovation]
So the strength about working in L’Oréal Research is that L’Oréal was
already founded by a researcher. The research is the heart
of L’Oréal’s growth. We manufacture
90% of our products [Rafael, Operations]
because we care about our image. We care about our quality. We want to ensure
that we can deliver consistently the same products. [Dan, Marketing]
Marketing in L’Oréal is very specific because it’s very creative.
We dare to take risks. Inside L’Oréal,
there are so many brands and so many different types
of products that you can create, that the possibilities
are actually limitless. Successful Inspiring [Pablo, IT (Information Techology)]
People have autonomy to develop their own projects and their own ideas,
and they’re passionate about it. [Michael, Business Development]
It’s really on your shoulders and that’s a great feeling because they give you
that type of trust. [Shadan, Human Resources]
It’s just this opportunity to showcase what you can do, and to deliver something amazing. [Carmel, Communications]
You are never too young or you are never too new in L’Oréal to be able
to make a difference. You feel like you’ve left
your mark, [Souhir, Marketing]
and you’ve created a little piece of history somehow. I’m seeing really [Affif, Digital]
that what I’m doing can make a difference. A thrilling experience, a culture of excellence.

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