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CAREERS IN B.Sc BIOTECHNOLOGY –,PHD,Institutions,Job Openings,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Manju from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career options in B.Sc in Biotechnology For
all of those who wonder what good it is to
make a career in Biotechnology, the answer is that gives you a different perspective
of science. You get to know another variation of science and how Technology has helped define
science and making new things. A graduation degree in this field helps you gain immense
knowledge of innovation, hybrid science and research methodology A BSc in Biotechnology is a complete non-aided three year course in which you learn everything
necessary about technology. You get to do learn scientific experiments and how you use
micro- organisms for the benefit of human beings. There is immense scope in Biotechnology if you are sure about the nature of works which
will be associated with your profession. The various work areas which you can venture in
after completing In biotechnology are • Medical and Health care
• Agriculture and animal husbandry • Industrial research and development
• Environments A BSc in Biotechnology makes you a Graduate.
Thus, after completing this course you will become a perfect graduate and will become
eligible to take up any Government job after clearing the exam.
You may apply for the following jobs in these niche government sectors:-
• IBPS for bank P.O and clerks. Indian Railways
• SSC UDC(for income tax ,sales tax) UPSC)for IAS,IPS,IFS)
• FCI • IB
• Indian Army • Indian navy
• Indian Air force • MPSC
• UPSC There is also good scope in doing MSc in Biotechnology
and also you can do BEd which may give you a future into teaching. It all depends upon
what you want to take up. • However, after completing this course
you will able to get jobs in private companies of the following fields, such as:-
• Chemical Industries • Agriculture related industries
• Milk industries • Pharma companies
• Bio processing companies Some of the major companies where you can
get a job after doing BSc in biotechnology are:-
• Dabur India • Hindustan Unilever
• Sudha milk industry • Nestle India
• Parle • ITC
• Amul India • Cipla pharma
• Rollick ice-cream • Cadburry India
• Galixo • Ranbaxy etc The salary received after doing BSc in Biotechnology
vary. Those candidates who get passed from the various Government institutions like IIT
and NIT, the salary for the same person will be in the range of Rs 70,000 to Rs 85,000
per annum. For somebody passing from another institute, the salary would be 50,000-70,000
per annum. The scope of
doing BSc in Biotechnology in India actually
lies in the south. In Bangalore, there is a great demand of research. Also, if you go
abroad, you will be able to get a proper grounding in this field. The Governments in U.S, Canada,
U.K encourage BSc in Biotechnology with a good starting job and pay package. You will
be able to go in research and also get yourself in some good research job with this.
Thus, you must try surf for more information about BSc in Biotechnology.
It is a one stop for getting all your queries solved for your career options. Also, you
will be able to pose some other questions which you think may be necessary to know we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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