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Careers In Employment Law – Focusing On Employees’ Rights

Luber: Hey everyone, Marc Luber here. Today
on JD Careers Out There we�re exploring careers in Employment Law – and like all of
our video content, we�re helping you find and succeed in fulfilling careers using a
law degree – either practicing law or leaving law to pursue alternative careers. And you
may already know that our video content really does two things. One is we provide advice
that focuses in on helping you with practical skills, the stuff you�ll need for success.
And the other stuff we do is we explore career paths in depth so you can decide if those
paths fit you. Today our guest is employment lawyer, Donna
Ballman, who�s got her own practice in Davie, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale where she represents
employees, not employers. And Donna writes for AOL Jobs and sometimes the Huffington
Post and she has an award winning blog on employment issues called Screw You Guys, I�m
Going Home. She�s also an author; her latest book is Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting
Fired, Resolve Workplace Conflicts Before You Quit, Get Axed or Sue the Bastards. Donna�s going to tell us all about practicing
employment law so let�s get started. Donna, welcome to JDCOT. Donna: Thank you for having me. Luber: Thank you for being here, I�m glad
you�re here. Donna, I�m going to ask you to tell us all about being an employment lawyer
and then we�re going to dig in deeper, we�re going to get into a typical day, who makes
the right fit for this kind of a path, how to break in and how to succeed. But first,
let�s learn about your practice and tell us what you do as an employment attorney. Donna: I do employee side employment law only.
So that involves representing everybody from the janitor to the CEO when they have employment
law issues. Things like negotiating severance agreements, new employment agreements, discrimination
issues, non-compete issues, trade secret disputes, anything relating to employment law from the
employee side. Luber: So then how does someone know to come
to you? When do they say, �You know what, I need an employment lawyer representing me
right now?� Donna: Well, usually they come to me when
they�ve been fired. And I actually wrote a book called Standup For Yourself Without
Getting Fired. Here it is. Luber: Yeah, hold it up. I mentioned it in
the intro. Donna: So there it is. My publisher will be
proud. The book is to try to help people because usually when they come to me, I get about
three hundred emails a day and most of them have been fired or they�ve done something
really dumb that is going get them fired and I thought, �Well how can I help people try
to not get fired or help them before they come to me?� So the idea of the book is
to help them with the crisis scenarios that go from job applications and interviews, all
the way up to post- employment, trying to help them deal with their situations, give
them some examples of possible crises that may come up and some ideas of possible steps
they could take and what may happen if they do take those steps and just give them some
advice before they come to me. But people find out that they need an employment
lawyer, a lot of times they figure it out when they�re handed an agreement that says
�you should consult with an attorney before you sign this�. Sometimes severance agreements
will say that. Sometimes they will talk with their co-workers or friends or neighbors and
they say, �Oh gee, you may have a claim. You should talk to an employment lawyer.� Luber: Alright, if you�re on YouTube, please
give us the thumbs up if this was helpful. And to see more from Donna, you can jump on
over to JDCOT dot com � and you�ll hear Donna talk more about employment law � particularly
what it�s like to work on the employee side, a typical day, who makes the right fit for
this path, how to break in and how to succeed. If you�re already at the site, you can just
scroll down to the full version. And make sure you join the membership so you get access
to all the helpful video content. Thanks again for watching everybody, I�m Marc Luber and
I�ll see you soon.

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