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CAREERS IN ENGINEERING – Aeronautical,Civil,AIEEE,JEE,Institutions,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

HELLO all,this is Raisa george from to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in Engineering. Engineering deals with the application of
scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge. It’s the art to bring something
about. It invents, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures of various
things. It concerns with the machines, equipments, buildings, constructions etc. It’s a vast
field with ample of opportunities in it. To enter the vast sphere of engineering one
needs to have cleared his 12th std. board exam in the science stream with Physics, Chemistry
and Math as compulsory subjects. Other than this you have to appear for various entrance
exam like AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance exam), JEE Main (Join Entrance exam), IIT-JEE
(Indian Institute of technology Joint Entrance exam) etc to start the graduation in the field
of Engineering. One can start its career in engineering by
opting for bachelor degree. There are plenty of types of engineering one can opt as a career.
One can go for engineering in: • Acoustic Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering
• Automobiles Engineering • Agricultural Engineering
• Civil Engineering • Computer Engineering
• Electrical Engineering • Electronics Engineering
• Industrial Engineering • Marine Engineering
• Materials Engineering • Mechanical Engineering
• Nuclear Engineering • Petroleum Engineering etc
With so many options in hand one can go in any field of interest and make a bright future.
With the development of technology the demand for engineers is increasing to invent and
design new things to develop more. An engineer is needed in every field say it a medical
or fashion, an engineering degree puts technical innovations to it. One can go for public or
private sector play in lakhs of salary packages. Now- a-days the top most jobs for engineers
are available in service sector. Every production, every innovation every change of state needs
some sort of technical things which are provided and made by engineers increasing their demand
in the society. One can move in with a B.Tech or B.E in any
engineering field as his 4years graduation degree followed by post graduation for specialization
and enhancement. For higher studies after the graduation one can opt for M.Tech or M.E.
in the same field as in bachelors to get more specialization in the field or one can opt
for MBA after bachelors. MBA provides an opportunity to get a management degree opening a scope
of management with technology and making the future brighter.
There is high scope of doing Engineering course from abroad. One, who dreams to settle in
foreign, has high chance in engineering to fulfill his dreams.
Some of the top institutes providing undergraduate and post graduate courses in engineering in
India are: 1. IIT, Kharagpur
2. VIT university, Chennai 3. IIT, Delhi
4. Thappar University, Patiala 5. Punjab Engineering college university of
technology, Chandigarh 6. NIT, Waranangal
One can go for studies in abroad too. Many Universities provide valuable degree to make
an establishing career. Some of the top universities in foreign are:
1. MIT, US 2. University of Cambridge, UK
3. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
4. University of Toronto, Canada 5. University of Melbourne, Australia
6. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 7. University of Minnesota, US
8. University of Queensland Australia, Australia 9. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
10. KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden In today’s era with the high development
of IT world, next 5years have high scope for engineering in IT. This is most lucrative
field to make in the career in future. Other than this, demand for Mechanical engineers
is also on heights in many companies. Companies like: Ford, Honda, Toyota, Bajaj etc are also
hiring automobile engineers to bring out better in the market. GE India technology centre’s
also hires students with aerospace, Computer and science, chemical engineering. IP, Indian
plant also need engineers for maintenance from the, civil, mechanical and electrical.
Being an engineer can get you the starting pay of 25000 pm even if you’re just an average
engineer. With the experience and your quality of work you can get the pay up to 2.5lakhs
pm. Engineering gives you an easy going career with a future consistency and security. You
can opt any of the trade you’re interested to work in and enjoy your work with a good
pay in your hands. There is no limit to work in this field and more you work hard more
you grow. So if you find yourself eligible to do this
and see yourself as a successful man in future than you must go for this as a career.For
more details and answers to your career queries you can log on to the career website will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us and do not forget to hit the subscribe button below.

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