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CAREERS IN GENETICS – B.Sc,M.Sc,M.Phil,P.Hd,Engineering,Distance Education,Govt Job Opportunities

Hello All..This is vishwas from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will brief you about career opportunities in Gentics Genetics is a branch of study, which belongs
to Biology discipline. The courses that fall under genetics are many and masses of students
opt for genetic courses. The alteration in living organisms and heredity is educated
through the subject called genetics. For today’s situation Geneticist role is important for
various aspects such as cystic fibrosis, cancer research, unborn defects, Alzheimer’s and
plenty more. Both scientific as well as medical fields appoint geneticist so that they take
a deep view about cell growth, reproduction and mutation. Genetic engineering is also
a popular path which encompasses applying the fundamentals of genetics in engineering.
The demand for genetics course is high and many students opt for genetic course.
By taking a deep look into genetic courses, there are plenty. B.Sc. (Genetics) Bachelor
of Science in Genetics, B.Sc. (Genetics, Microbiology, & Chemistry) bachelor of Genetics, Microbiology
and Chemistry, and B.Sc. (Hons) Genetics which means Bachelor of Science honors in Genetics.
These are a few courses that fall under the under graduation category. Other post-graduation
and advanced studies include M.Sc. (applied Genetics) Master of Science in applied genetics,
M.Sc. (Biomedical Genetics) Master of Science in Bio- medical Genetics, M.Sc. (Genetics)
Master of Science in Genetics, M.Sc. (Hons) (Genetics) Master of Science Honours in Genetics,
M.Sc. (Human Genetics) Master of Science in Human Genetics, M.Sc. (Microbial Genetics
and Bioinformatics) Master of Science in Microbial genetics and Bioinformatics, and M.Sc. ( Molecular
Biology and Human Genetics) Master of Science in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics. Other
advanced courses include M.Phil. (Genetics) Master of Philosophy in Genetics, Ph.D. (Genetics)
Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics, and Ph.D. (Human genetics) Doctor of Philosophy in Human
Genetics. Distance learning for genetics is offered
by certain universities. Students are allowed to take up correspondence courses, where they
can complete as well as earn the degree. An online survey can gain you details about universities
that offer distance learning and courses available for the same.
When career options are taken into account, geneticist can work as health care scientist,
in scientific research industry, as technician in scientific laboratory, as genetic counselor,
as cytotechnologist, and more. The average annual salary would range from $159,339 to
$ 194,895. When career options are considered, there are excellent jobs for genetic graduates
in India and abroad. Healthcare industries, pharmaceutical industries, lab technology,
medical research, are few areas where geneticists are employed.
A few companies in India which recruit geneticist are
• ATS GeneTech private limited • Apollo hospitals
• DNA labs India • All universities
• Institute of liver and billary sciences • Achievers spot
• Biomed informatics • Namdhari seeds private ltd and plenty
more To know about government jobs in Genetic engineering
field, a number of government organizations recruit Genetics graduate for a number of
sectors as mentioned above. A few government organizations that recruit genetic engineers
are • National Institute of Immunology, New
Delhi • Institute of Geonomic and Integrative
Biology, Delhi • Center for DNA fingerprint and Diagnostics,
Hyderabad • Biochemical engineering research and process
development center, Chandigarh • All India Institute of Medical Sciences
• Indian Council Of Medical Research and many more Higher studies and job can be procured in India or abroad. There are number of universities
in developed countries which offer Master’s degree and doctor courses. One requires hunting
the sites for specific university and finding out the eligibility criteria and fee structure
for the desired university. Jobs abroad are plenty and genetic graduates are in demand
for their field. To get to know more details,
offers minute details about job search, criteria, and private as well as government jobs for
any specific field of study we will be back with more such videos please stay connected and do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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