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Hello All..This is Devyani from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Insurance The field of insurance is wide and diverse.
Insurance is also a very important aspect of life with an insurance policy being a must
for everyone. This career option of Insurance is challenging and requires lot of hard work
and strong persuasive skills. A professional in insurance business has to have a complete
knowledge about government norms and regulations, relating to insurance.
There are many instances when students after their 12th, take up insurance career as a
part time income generating option. Insurance companies have started providing training
to these students who aspire to join their company and sell insurance products in lieu
of commission or fixed stipend. But as per experts the best way to groom a career in
insurance is to complete college education and master’s program, specialising in insurance
management. A master’s degree will broadly cover a wide
spectrum of subjects with focus on Principles and Practices of Life and General Insurance,
Life and Non Life Insurance Domains, Insurance Laws, Life Insurance Underwriting and Risk
Management, Liability of Insurance and Life Insurance Claims and Reinsurance and Life
Insurance Products. The objective is to acquaint students with various facets in the insurance
business and services. There are many colleges and universities that
have designed programs to offer specialisation in insurance. Some of the well-known centres
of learning are National Insurance Academy School of Management (Pune), The Institute
of Insurance and Risk Management (Andhra Pradesh), National Law University (Jodhpur) and Banaras
Hindu University. Some of the courses that are offered are International
Post Graduate Diploma in Life Insurance, International Post Graduate Diploma in General Insurance
and International Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management. Those doing MBA can opt for
specialisation in insurance management or take up Masters in Financial Management that
covers insurance as a core subject. Insurance is a flexible career options so
students or home makers can take up work with well-known Insurance companies. They can work
as an Insurance Agent or an Insurance Sales Executive selling insurance products. It is
mandatory to clear the agent exam taken by Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDA).
With experience and knowledge they can get good position in companies like ICICI Lombard,
Bajaj Insurance, and AVIVA to New India Life Insurance.
In the initial stages of the career one can expect to start with a salary ranging from
Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 plus commission on each policy sold or target achieved. Those
graduating from premier colleges can get good salary packages and good position.
Career prospects in Insurance are very good as this is a fast growing business with only
14 per cent of the total population insurance. There is still a large portion around 86 % which
needs to be sold insurance product. Companies are on lookout for talented people, who can
sell policies and products with a pleasing personality and communication skills which
can tempt consumers in buying the concept insurance.
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