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CAREERS IN MASS COMMUNICATION –B.A,B.Sc,Diploma,Distance Learning,Job Openings,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Elsa from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Mass Communication Timely modifications in education system have
led to introduction of various creative fields of careers. Mass communication, also known
as mass media communication is one such career option that is associated with creativity
and intelligence. Mass communication is a profession that is
concerned with disseminating of information to public at national, local, and international
levels. It is not necessary that the information to publicize is factual, as in the mass media
industry it can also be more creative and informative. As compared to journalism, this
field of profession encompasses more career prospects such as graphics, radio, television,
films, documentary, media, advertising, corporate communications, events and more. This is because
revolution in technology has introduced more novel forms of communications to get connect
with the masses. Students who aspire to become mass communication
professionals need to have a strong hold on their speaking and writing language skills.
In addition to this, they can also undertake professional courses in this field in order
to acquire detail knowledge about different aspects of media. Undertaking such courses
can also help them to build their personality and enhance their communication skills. On
successful completion of such courses, one can look up to bright career options as sound
engineer, event manager, editor, screenwriter, illustrator, critic, photojournalist, radio
jockey, TV correspondent, art director, news writer, article writer in magazines or books,
and public relation officer. A graduate degree in this field is an excellent
start to this career. But for those who have time and money to invest can surely aspire
to secure a post graduate degree in mass communication. There are also undergraduate courses offered
to students who have just completed their higher secondary education. For such students,
the overall time duration for completion of the course is around 5 years. In case, if
individuals want to start with a job after graduating in mass communication and still
want to obtain a post graduate degree, then they can look for distance learning diploma
courses offered by some highly reputed institutes of India, such as IGNOU, SCDL, and more. Besides these distance learning institutes, there are top-notch institutes that offer
full time degree courses in mass communication. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication,
Pune; Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi; Xavier Institute of Communication,
Mumbai; Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore; AJK Mass Communication
Research Center, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, and Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
are the top names in the list. After completing the education, job seekers
can look to have jobs in various companies such as:
• Air-All India Radio • TV Channels
• Blog Writing companies • Advertising agencies
• Broadcasting corporations • News agencies
• Journals • Radio Telecasting channels
• Websites and magazines • Newspapers
• Novels and Books• Press Information Bureau, and more The starting salary for a mass communication professional may vary from INR 12,000 to INR
15,000. But with increase in experience and depending on one’s communication and interpersonal
skills, the remuneration may exceed to a high range per month. One can even earn up to INR
1, 00,000 after getting a job at a prestigious entity.
Mass communication is surely a bright and lucrative career option for youngsters, but
it is vital to start preparing for it early in order to succeed in the future run. In
case, students need to obtain more update information about this career field then they
can log on to the number one career portal thank you for watching we will be back with more such videos do not forget to hit the subscribe button

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