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CAREERS IN TOUR & TRAVEL MANAGEMENT – BA,MBA,Tour Operators,Airline jobs,Salary Package

Hi guys,this is Pooja from to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in MBA tour and travel management. One of the best jobs in the world belongs
to those who are often called tourist managers. It is exciting, full of fun and gives you
new opportunities to explore the world around you. Even though the job sounds like it’s
full of adventure and thrill, it is extremely hectic and tiresome. But if you love travelling
and would like to be someone else’s guide during tours and journeys, there couldn’t
be a better option than this for you! With tourism and travel management, you will
have the golden opportunity to change lives. You can meet people belonging to different
backgrounds and together you can experience some of the most wonderful views and sceneries
life has in store for you. Next, this can be a time to take up new challenges. You will
not only gain experience but also have the opportunity to work with new and better people
all the time. People who have a passion for tourism will definitely love this job, despite
the hazards that come with. In order to make a career out of tourism and
travel management, you have to first do an MBA. Yes, there are several colleges that
offer BA and MA courses, but it is best to get an MBA done if you would like to excel
in this field. Before you choose any college, always remember to look up online for the
best job opportunities associated with this field. You should also speak to a counsellor
to see whether you are suitable enough for a career in tourism. Third, you have to improve
your communication skills and ensure they are good enough to carry you throughout. You
can also participate in organizations through volunteering in order to gain some more experience.
This always works during college applications. Some of the best colleges in the country also
expect their students to be updated about the current developments. So make sure you
have a clear idea about the field you are about to get yourself into. You should also
come across as a less biased person during interviews because people who join travel
management and tourism are always expected to be friendly, sociable and caring to the
people around them. If you are planning to do an MBA in Tour and
Travel Management any time soon, here is a list of some of the best institutions you
should definitely send an application to • UEI Global, Delhi
• UEI Global, Agra • The Hotel School, Delhi
• Cradle of Management Institute, Delhi • Global School of Business
• Institute of Hotel Management, Gurdaspur • Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Hotel
Management and Catering Technology • Institute of Hotel and Restaurant Management,
Goa Just in case you are not satisfied with the
information provided to you, feel free to log on to Here you
will find everything you are in search of. All doubts and queries shall be clarified
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