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CELD Career Final 2018

[MUSIC] My name is Vanessa Pacheco, and my top
five strengths are input, intellection, restorative, connectiveness, and relator.>>Captain Justin Pavey. I’m a Clinical Social Worker with
the Indiana Army National Guard. I am a coordinator for
civic engagement at Purdue University and along with some college students,
I run an on-campus food pantry.>>When you’ve just done your strengths
journey you have an open mind. Look at it and really self-reflect on,
okay, these are the things that have been identified and
these are the things that I do well at. And then, take that set of tools as
a toolbox to use later on saying, how do I use these to better myself? How do I use these to overcome things? How do I use these to be more resilient? How do I use these to achieve goals
that maybe I didn’t think were achievable in the past?>>I would really encourage you to
just really pick out one thing that kind of excites you,
that you wanna know more about. And then just really test out all of the
ways that that might show up in your life, and see how that feels. Really take stock of not just the result,
but also how it makes you feel about yourself. Because I think that,
once you’re able to kind of focus in on the results of one theme, it’s gonna
start feeling a little bit easier to kind of plan all the others and
how they work together.>>I really started using it in day-to-day
life especially in therapy working with individuals and
I could see the change that individual e when you start focusing on the things
that are going well in their life. They are very in tune to
what you are talking about, what you’re wanting them to work on, and
they have a lot more buying into that and they’re ready to work on things
that they are already doing well.>>I work with students every day and
the work that I do, and part of the work that I do with them
is around community engagement. And because of my intellection theme, I’m really energized by encouraging
students not to think of tacit sort of solutions for the problems
that they see around the world. I want them to dig really deep and think
about, what are some of the root causes behind things like homelessness or
food and security, right? So, I think that the results that
that ends up giving myself and the students that I work with is that, they have a very thorough understanding
of the projects that they’re working on. And also a very thorough understanding
about how to address life’s big problems.>>My definition, personally, of positive
psychology would be not focusing on the things that are going wrong or
not going well for an individual. But tapping into those things that they
naturally do well, that they naturally use for their everyday resiliency, to overcome
things or even excel in certain areas.>>I think that with many typologies
there’s a tendency to think that either they’re made up and unfounded or
maybe that they’re a little too mushy. And I really understand that. But I think that what I usually
share with people about strength is the fact that it comes from Gallup. And, they developed based on research that
they’ve been doing for several decades. And that really helps me understand
the kind of surveying they were doing and how they arrived to their result.>>I think when you’re looking for
clues, for talent look at, focus on what one thing
a person does well. And you look at how you can utilize
that in other aspects of their life.>>A great way to start seeing
talents in other people is to see what makes you great. And then notice how that makes you
different from other people and the talent that they submit.>>Though you have strengths,
you have the tap into the other strengths, that ultimately meet your goals and
their goals as well. So collaboration is
really important in that.>>The best people in a role might
get the same great result, but they just might not get
there the exact same way. And I think it’s important to
really pay attention to that. And strength really allows
you to see how that shows up.>>Well, I noticed, especially in
collaboration, when you look at what everybody brings to the table,
what everybody is good at, you really tap into that, you’re able to accomplish
a lot more, you get a lot more done.>>In our current world where we’re
starting to ask questions about how to work collectively in meaningful ways,
strength is really timely. [MUSIC]

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