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Celebrating Small Businesses: A Moment in Search

It’s done. My latop is handed in
[how to] my phone is handed in
[how to be your own] I’ve officially quit.
[how to be your own boss] [how to start a business from scratch] [business loans for women over 50] [business loans for students] [business loans for startups] wow, i’m an entrepreneur, i can do this. [grand opening ideas] Welcome to Sweet Soul Kitchen.
[grand opening ideas] First customer. We’re up and running. Um, I have about 124 orders to do.
[how to fight burnout] It’s extremely stressful. So frustrating. [how to thank employees] [how to thank customers] You can see the line behind me
[should i expand my business] [how to franchise] It can be done, I’m living proof it can be done. I get to do it with the people that I love. We had a lot of friends and family come out and help us out. Every day is a good day.
[working with your family] It takes real guts to run businesses
[working with your family] through the generations.
[working with your family] [business ideas that give back] To everyone who knows small business To everyone who knows small business
is more than just business Search on. Google

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