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Change Careers Quickly Using this Successful Approach

10 Replies to “Change Careers Quickly Using this Successful Approach”

  • I think it was a great tip, do you recommend that people volunteer, as another means to be able to adopt a second career. Great job !

  • Andy, I am unsure if you will read this but I need help. I want to know if resigning without another job lined up will hurt my job search significantly. I am at California (at-will employment) and this is my first job (4 years now).

    Trying to keep it short: company downsized from 75 to 4 employees. All 4 were given all the major company functions and all are doing quad-work. Current and new systems and networks don’t work because we 4 were not properly trained before the layoffs happened, so we spend a significant time fixing things on top of our work.

    Workplace is very toxic. I do 9am-7pm (sometimes more) and I lack the energy at end of day to start applying for jobs. In short, if I was to job search, I have to leave. The boss won’t let me leave easy, either (he has made people stay 1 month longer than just the submitted 2 weeks). I have money saved up to cover 14 months, solid. I have a good list of references who will vouch for me, unaffiliated with the company.

    I can and want to resign now. I am just afraid interviewers may call my previous company and I will get bad-mouthed for sure (even if I leave clean). Also, I may get lower priority because I am unemployed due to quitting. What do I do? Thank you in advance!

  • Andy, I love your recommendation of relying heavily on a professional networking and volunteering if you are a career switcher. I couldn't agree more. I love that like me, you also transitioned from the IT industry. Great video my friend!

  • I am would like to switch industries. I am targeting operations positions within the healthcare industry. The position would be service based. I have the bulk of the skills needed. The only transition would be learning a new industry. Is this a good approach. Ultimately I want to be a BA but I want to get into the industry. Is leveraging my skills to move industries a valid approach?

  • Should my career profile state that I am changing careers and re-entering workplace after a few years as a stay at home parent?

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