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[Silence] [Background sounds]>>It’s been a life changing
experience that I will always remember. I will always cherish. When I came in, I genuinely
fell in love with the program.>>I had never been here prior and I
already feel like I’m really a part of the whole community of Kingston and of
Queen’s and I think that it has a lot to do with Queen’s, with the things
that Queen’s has done.>>The hallmark of Queen’s, I think, is
that they come with a community spirit. That the size of the university is more personal
than some of the very large universities but not too small that it
doesn’t offer enough programs. So they’re actually interested in a community. So Kingston is a community, Queen’s is
a community, our Faculty is a community. I think that’s a very strong point about
Queen’s generally and about Kingston. [Music]>>Well our program is made up of a huge
amount of practicum compared to coursework, compared to other universities in this province. That’s number one. Another unique feature is that we have a FOCI
course where the people can take a course such as at-risk youth or out of classroom
experiences or teaching abroad or teachers in business and industry or exceptional
children in the regular classroom. They can take these FOCI courses and
really delve into the additional topic and immerse themselves into more learning. On top of that, they do a three week
alternative practicum that puts meat to the bone of that FOCI that they’ve been looking at.>>We see a lot more placement than most
universities offer and you have the opportunity to do an alternative practicum which
you can do anywhere in the world. So for me, I’m going to the International School
of Brussels in Belgium and, because of the way that Queen’s is setup, I was able
to qualify for full funding to go.>>I’m really excited for the alternative
practicum because it’s so wide open. As long as it has something to
do with education, you can do it. The big draw for me was also the international
fair because it’s kind of one of kind and if teaching overseas is
something that someone’s interested in then this would be the school to go to. [Music]>>The first year students who are here have
a real benefit because we come here knowing that we will be considering first year teachers. We tend to look for teachers with 2
to 8 years of experience, if not more, but here we come looking for truly
talented first year teachers. I’ve hired several over my years in this fair
and this is one of the only fairs I even look at first teachers because of the reputation of
the students who have come out of this program. They have a shot at jobs and
they have a shot at getting that all important first position overseas. And not just in any school
but in some good schools. It maintains that feel of Kingston and you
know as they modernize things, which is great and absolutely wonderful now to be online
and able to access candidate databases, they’re managing to do that without
losing that sense of family and that sense of history that’s been with the fair.>>It’s very easy to live in Kingston. It’s easy to get around and this is coming
from a very complicated lifestyle too. I am a single parent. I have a 6 and a half year
old daughter who’s very active and loves extracurriculars and everything. And it’s big enough that you
have everything you need, small enough that it’s not
too chaotic in any sense. You don’t have to have a
vehicle to live in Kingston. I have a car and I barely use it
because I find it really easy to get around without one especially if you’re hanging around like this end of town
where the university is. There’s all sorts of conveniences
available to you to live here. I was able to find childcare. I was able to find an apartment. I was able to do everything that I
needed to do before I even got here.>>We have enormous resources
to help teachers find jobs. Throughout the year, we hold workshops including
job search workshops, cover letter writing, resume writing, because resumes for the
education industry are very different than resumes for other industries, interview
workshops and one-on-one counseling. There are a lot of dedicated people
who are really upbeat, very optimistic, who really care about the students in this
program and care about the quality of education. [ Music ]>>[Singing] One by one, you and
me, that’s how we build community. Take the step, take your turn, learn to
teach, teach to learn, support, connect, collaborate, be a part, help us create. Yeah, one by one, you and me, that’s
how we build community, one by one, that’s how we build community, one by one,
you and me, that’s how we build community. One by one, you and me, that’s
how we build community. Learn to teach, teach to learn. [Silence]

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