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Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration | Official Trailer | MasterClass

The rocket equation. It’s a beautiful thing. No astronaut launches
for space with their fingers crossed. That’s not how we
deal with risk. What I learned from 21
years as an astronaut is that the more you
know, the less you fear. The reason I wanted to
do this MasterClass is to share the hidden
depths of purpose that are behind space exploration. When the clock hits zero,
start focusing and thinking of nothing else but the
moment that you’re in. Study every system on
a spaceship and then boil it down to what
I call a one pager. You’ve got to be able to solve
your problems in one breath. You have to push
your lungs forward through the drag
of the atmosphere. Crushed into your chair –  you’re like a leaf
in a hurricane. The reason is one
half rho v squared s. Sixteen times the speed of
sound. As you accelerate harder and harder, that
light blue Florida sky starts to get darker and darker. And then suddenly, black–
and the engines shut off and you’re weightless. Turn the handle
and open the hatch. You pull yourself
out into the universe and now suddenly, when
you move your knees, you can feel the searing
heat of the sun on one side and the incredibly
cold emptiness of space on the other. When you’re no
longer earthlings, how do you navigate? You can use the stars. You can actually see how that
place where you were raised fits into the overall
complexity and reality of the solar system. You start to unavoidably
wonder, are we alone in the universe or not? Our technology is
just good enough now that some of you taking
this MasterClass are going to fly in space. Reusable rocket
ships give us access to explore like we’ve
never had before. It will be a great moment of
introspection for humanity if you’re the person who
finds that one little fossilized flower on Mars. I’m Chris Hadfield, and
this is my MasterClass.

100 Replies to “Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration | Official Trailer | MasterClass”


  • How come in the 60's the moon was considered in deep space but this year the ESA says the moon resides in our atmosphere! How does the rocket equation apply when their is two very different models.

  • Would like to see an explanation for passing through the Van Allen radiation belts, also how people and film survived them, please.

  • Ever since i was a child i have always loved space. It has always been my favorite thing asside from history. Space shows us how much yet we still have to discover in our universe. i know there's a argument that we should explor our ocean first but i strongly believe we should study and explore space more, it was a huge moral booster and astronauts back in the days like Niel Armstrong were rockstars and we could bring that spirit back again if we so choose to go beyond the limits and explor the unknown and paint a path for future generations.

  • If you pause this at about 7.8 seconds, it sounds like he's saying "No astronaut launches for space with their fingers." I'm learning already.

  • "Turn the handle and open the hatch. You pull yourself out… into the universe" 

    Wonderful use of the word. Simplicity of human concepts and how primitive we are displayed in our mechanical interactions and opening a door to endless possibility.

  • Ask Hadfield about bubbles in space. Or loose debris that changes direction in space as if affected by an unseen current.
    The man is a liar. No one has been in "outer space." The ISS is a fraud as is all 'space exploration.'
    Please look closely at and re-think the claims of space agencies.

  • I'll no point be smart enough to do what he does but smart enough to probably understand the science he talks about and all the stuff he talks about how you wander if we're along and how small earth looks in the grand scheme is both amazing and frightening. But that last line is one i hope to be alive to see one day, that there were fossils on mars. Space. It's amazing stuff.

  • 123 aliens from Mars don't want humans to explore space because we will probably screw it up for other planets.

  • Seriously, whoever made this advert needs an award as it's captivating, genuinely stopped me in my tracks. Yes, Hadfield is a delight so he needs some of the cake but the video is edited and shot to perfection. If I had the spare cash I would enrol on the course. Well done folks.

  • So how much did his sperm count go down ? Did he get herpes?… and things like that…did he like being in very restricted areas and does he think having crew and tourists in the ISS will be possible?

  • Hello, currently I'm at the Marshall Space Flight Center doing my internship and videos like these keep me motivated to do my best 🙂

  • My first exposure to Chris Hadfield, and it's a compelling commercial for a rare opportunity, delivered with the passion of someone who knows. This isn't a commercial for nonsense, it's the offer of possibilities that exist to learn amazing things from credible educators. In my demographic, commercials usually offer wrinkle cream!

  • chris hadfield is a PUSSY who had to run off to space like a COWARD cuz he couldn't handle 1G like a REAL MAN!! hahahahaha.

  • “Push your chest against the drag of the atmosphere?” I thought he was in the Shuttle.
    He was pushing against acceleration.

  • FUCK this bitch ass fucktard!!!!!! what in hell fucking fuck do I have to do to get youtube to understand
    that I never ever ever want to hear anything this fuckhead ever has to say? Can they use some amazing algorithm
    to somehow extract the subtlety of the fact that I never ever EVER again want to hear a fucking word out of this fuck
    headed jacktard?

    In 1543, and with the advent of the Printing Press, the Judaeo-Freemasonry Vatican (Jesuits) published Heliocentricism, ignoring the stationary, unmovable Earth, as stated in their Bible scriptures. Fast forward almost 500 years, where the people are indoctrinated from birth to worship the man-made constructs of Heaven and Space. Faith in Theory = Balltardism

    Vatican Jesuits invent the following:
    1543 – Theory Heliocentricism
    1582 – Heliocentric calendar (Pope Gregorian calendar)
    1651 – Theory Mapping Moon (Selenography)
    1763 – Theory Atomic Energy
    1809 – Theory Transmutation of Species
    1923 – Theory Missing Link (bones lost, molds prove find)
    1931 – Theory Big Bang (another ejaculation into the virgin source)

    Our history and science has been little more then fictional stories these last 2000 years. It began, with obedience from the indoctrinated masses these illiterates who paid tithing for Faith based religion and war. Today, the indoctrinated masses are educated idiots who pay tax on their labor for Theory based science and war. This is the reality propagated across the face of the Earth.

    You defend one of these fictional stories:

    Theory – SPACE (Big Bang)
    ATOM, remove Electron create Explosion
    Evolution, requires you an APE like creature to consume flesh and blood

    Faith – HEAVEN (Holy Spirit)
    ADAM, remove Rib create Women
    Creationism, the HE God gave you the clean and unclean animals for food

  • As others said, this is the commercial I did not close. whenever I see a commercial, I completely skip it, as soon as that skip button shows. This commercial intrigued me and I sat through the whole thing. Now here I am thinking about enrolling to masterclass

  • I don't care how much damn Matthew do or how much science is behind it if I'm going to be launched into space in a rocket as an astronaut I'd be crossing my fingersyeah this video I found the original video so I could comment on it plays as an ad all the time everywhere else

  • "You can actually see how that place you were raised fits in with the complexity of the solar system"
    Thats Quote Is So Inspiring

  • I've checked back to see if anyone knows what song starts this video with no definite answer. If I had to guess, I'd say if was by Max Richter. Hoping someone comes up with the answer.

  • This, stuff like this makes not an ad. This is a call to learn, to dream, to act. Yes, it is an ad, but it gives you just the right amount of substance, and the right substance.

  • when his hand shakes uncontrollably a little bit right after saying "and you're weightless" you can tell what a powerful moment it is for him. What a life he's lived. Follow the biggest dream you can think of because why not? You only get one life anyway

  • The first ten seconds of this add drive me NUTS! LIES HUGE LIES. The rocket equation a NOT a beautiful thing. When its taught is physics/engineering its described as "The Tyranny of the Rocket Equation". This is because it defines what is needed in additional fuel for each additional pound of weight or extra speed for your rocket, and the answer is NOT nice or beautiful, it's ugly! It's why the external fuel tank on the space shuttle needed to be so large. It's why you needed a 110.6 m long rocket to get a 18 m of command and lunar module to the moon.

  • Makes me cry because I don't think I'll get to feel what chris is talking about. I don't think I'll get to go to space like I always wanted.

  • Great video! We need more videos like this from a growing group from the traditional sciences. There are too many videos made by morons who are trying to tell us that the earth is flat. I read somewhere on the internet that everyone else needs to make more videos about the truth and get the word out – by getting them uploaded so that YouTube is not so overwhelmed with the flat-earth fantasies.

  • Oh shit your that dude who made those videos about answering Questions on the ISS

  • I first saw Chris Hadfield in the orbital music video but this is truly inspiring.

    The way I see it is "are we alone in the universe?" my answer is:
    We don't have to be.

    That flower on Mars might just be planted by us.
    The sky is no longer the limit. Dream bigger.

  • How do you supplement your Astronaut, retirement??? I'm sick and tired of watching rocket launches! until we get beyond rocket propulsion we are pretty much stuck on earth! which is good it will make us solve our problems on earth rather than transporting them to other planets and alien races!

  • Watching the class right now and I don’t understand how anyone can be a skeptic about the moon landing or space exploration. What astronauts do is remarkable.

  • He may not be crossing his fingers but a lot of engineers are, I'll bet. Even if you double, triple and quadruple check everything, you still cross your fingers because you're still human.

  • Fuck this dude, astronaut trained with USA tax dollars asking us to pay him again to teach us what he learned. I can already see this @MastersClass failing

  • I watch through this add every time it comes on. Tracked it down here so I could rewatch it at will. It's just stunning. Inspirational. I don't know if that's Mr Hadfield's effect or space's effect or just a combination of everything. Breathtaking.

  • This ad literally gave me goosebumps. I fuckin love anything related to space and the universe. Too bad i am fuckin broke.

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