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College Graduate Finds CBP Officer Career A Perfect Fit

Music ♪ I chose Nogales because
of the experience and the
opportunity you get here as an Officer
to better off your career. I have two bachelor degrees.
I graduated from New Mexico State University with a
bachelors in Criminal Justice
and a bachelors in foreign
language and linguistics in
Spanish. “Spanish Language”
“¿Adonde va Lucida?” “Aquí, voy
a las tiendas.” Every day you encounter
Spanish Speaking people so you get to use that
and you get incentive. A certain percentage of your
base pay back as a return just for speaking a
different language. Sir, if I can have you step
outof the vehicle please. On a daily basis I get to
use both of my degrees. Both the criminal justice
law enforcement base and Spanish linguistics due to
being at the South West border. It doesn’t matter your
experience. It doesn’t matter if you are previous law
enforcement. You know, you get
trained You get taught all these
different things. I’ve been
released for a couple of months
already and I’ve already been
able to catch a couple loads, a couple cases of alien
smuggling and…. The
opportunity is there on a daily basis.
You get a lot of experience
here. Nogales has been a
great choice for me. ♪ Music ♪

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