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(solemn music) – When you’re teaching,
there is nothing like when you are instructing
a student and they get it. The light bulb goes off. That reward that you get when you know that your instruction made a difference in that child’s life. That’s education. – We as educators create the future. We have the power to help
children create their mindsets to solve the big problems
that we have today, and to even inspire them to make changes that our world needs to make in order to make the world a better place. – I wanna be a teacher
because I wanna meet the needs of the students first,
and I think it’s important to have someone who’s
passionate about their job, so that learning can take place. – Early on in their preparation programs, we pair our students with
master teachers in the field, so that they can learn
the theory of teaching here at East Stroudsburg University, but then they can
experience actual teaching in actual classrooms with actual students, and that makes all the difference. – We’re showing them some of
our own teaching strategies, and strategies that they
can use with their students. – My favorite part is that it gives me hands-on experience, so that
makes it more realistic. It’s not just looking
at a PowerPoint screen and learning about child development. – I grew so much more than
I ever thought I could. They consider me as their
teacher, so I really do feel like I am making an
influence on these students. – The impact that they are making is huge and it benefits those students more than you could ever know. – I think what makes ESU
so special are the faculty. We have faculty that care
deeply about the students. – We have a balance of
practitioners and also researchers, we have folks that are
known internationally for the conducting research that drives the field of education forward. – I love it because I get to
make a difference every day, I get to make an impact with students. I know I’m influential at the local, state, and national level. – Receiving the
distinguished professor award was significant. You know, you always think as an educator you’re going to have
an impact of some sort, but you have to have this
sense of self-reliance and just trust that that’s happening, and I had an influence in ways that I really didn’t know. – We know that people
learn in different ways and at different times, and yet, most schools still teach as if all people learn at the same
way and at the same time. Our goal in education
is to see that change. – Being a university professor
is a unique opportunity. I have thirty students in front of me, and I realize that those thirty students, over the course of their
careers, could teach, you know, a couple thousand students. The impact of what we do as teachers is just phenomenal. – Instructional technology
plays a super important role in today’s learning, so at the university, we try a lot of different ways to bring technology to our students. – East Stroudsburg
University is located in what I consider one of
those beautiful places of the United States. You have summer, winter activities. You’re about 90 miles from New York City. You know, whichever you enjoy, I think that ESU, here in the Poconos, provides it all for you. – Our students come into teaching with a passion of making a difference, but when they graduate, they soon realize that they’re sought after. Many of our graduates actually have their choice of school districts of which to teach in. – ESU students, I
believe, are quite unique, because they work so hard, and they care so deeply
about their future students, and their education at the current time. – Knowing that ESU has given
them the tools they need to be a great teacher is
what I find most rewarding. – You know, the promise
of teaching is that you can change the
trajectory of someone’s life. Our students who graduate from East Stroudsburg University
do that each and every day. (hopeful music)

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