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Commis Chef: Job Profile

I’m Gillian Ross and I’m a
Commis Chef here. I’ve only been cheffing since July and this is my first chef job here. We’ve got two basic shift patterns we’ve got half seven till 12 o’clock in
the afternoon and then you come back at five o’clock for evening service and then there’s the 12 o’clock in the
afternoon until finish so if I’m on the morning shift then you’ll do breakfast for
everyone that’s staying in the hotel and then prep up for the next day which just involves cutting up more breakfast stuff
for the next morning so you don’t have to do that when you come
in and then we’ve got a list that we work from that can be done before service like sauces and things like that which just need heated
up. General day-to-day jobs like cutting up vegetables just chores that need done every day. I got to this position just by chance really in school I thought I either wanted to do
cheffing or something else I wasn’t too sure in school I never really thought about what
I was going to do. I ended up working here part time while I
was at college studying for something else and I was working as a waitress. I just got kind of fed up with it and there
was a position coming up in the kitchen so I just thought I’ll go for that and see
what happens and I’ve been there ever since I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s certain courses which you need to
do like I’ve done a food hygiene course that’s basic for working around food. I’m also doing an SVQ level 2 in Professional
Cookery. You can also go to college and study it full time which I haven’t done most of my learning’s been practical-based I’ve just learned as I went along throughout the job. You need a good ability to work in a team that’s really essential because you’re
covering each others’ backs. You need to be able to work hard it’s a hard job. You are here a lot of time there’s not really a personal life involved
the only downside I would see is the long
hours. The upsides of the job are when you get to
put your own input into a menu and you design a dish and plate it up and you just look at
it and think, “oh that’s really good.” When the waiting staff come back and say,
“compliments from this table” and you think, “ah ha! that was me” [laughs]. My advice to you would be if you wanted to
go into a career in cheffing is to be prepared for the amount of hard work you’re going
to have to put in but you do get rewards at the end of it if you love food and you love dealing with
food then you’ll love the career. But just be prepared for hard work and long hours.

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