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Competency-Based Education: Focusing on learning, competency, and mastery

(gentle music) – This gives you the final video pitch. Why does the problem
you chose matter to you, and how does solving it improve society? – To me, when we talk about
competency-based education, it’s really just when you
hit that mark or that level then you move on or you
move up in your education. – It’s giving the learner the ability to demonstrate their depth
of knowledge and skill, their understanding of the competency. It’s a real-world application
of their knowledge. – Competency-based education
is about the skill, not about the grade. I think a lot of times
students, parents, and teachers focus on the grade. They don’t necessarily
focus on the learning that’s involved in that grade. – Students have the
ability to show competency in so many different ways. It’s not just answering
a multiple choice test. They can show competency by
building a model of something. They can draw blueprints
that show something. They can design their own
investigation to show something. – And so they get to
dive deep into a subject that is meaningful to them. And I think that it
boosts their engagement. And I think as a teacher
it really helps me learn about them in a more in-depth way as well. – What we see from our students
is something very unusual in terms of their level of
engagement, inspiration, and commitment to their work. – I think just some of the skills that they’re gonna take away from this are things that they’re gonna use beyond, you know, from the eighth grade science. These are things that they’re
gonna use on job interviews when they, you know,
maybe apply to colleges. That communication piece, being able to explain your thoughts. – You know, they’re learning
how to work together in groups. They’re learning how to
communicate with each other and give critical feedback. They’re learning, you know,
how to think for themselves and ask questions and
do sustained inquiry. – I have a lot more freedom
to do what I want to do. – I like that I get to do,
like pick my own topic, and am able to research
what I’m passionate about. – You get your own creativity. You get to bring your own ideas into this instead of being glued down
to like a writing project where you have to write an essay. Now you get to express yourself through a project that might
help the world in some way. (gentle music)

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  • My daughter in Hamburg had normal plain teaching in grades 1 and two. Teacher taught.. She listend, practiced and then each two months got a test. Third grade instead of direct instruction she got workbook with no teaching input even in the text, just asking her questions, and computer assignments to do alone. So, she got 0 teaching and 100% testing. A nightmare becoming more and more common in Germany. She pleads for a normal class with a teacher who teaches. No more real textbooks with struktured input, each kid is alone, so no way to really learn together, no more any real class, just mass taxpayer funden babysitting. Education is done on the child's previous free time and parents have to earn less money to become the tutors.. but the tutoring cannot work with the competeny worksheets as they are just too dumb.. filling in blanks instead of structured thought and real practice.

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