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Conversations with Tom Hardy and Director Steven Knight of LOCKE

30 Replies to “Conversations with Tom Hardy and Director Steven Knight of LOCKE”

  • Fantastic interview. Two gifted man who apparently became friends. Good to hear there's another upcoming project with both men. Tom's an incredible actor and very true to himself. Spielberg + Tom collaborating together…yes!??  

  • I would love to see Spielberg collaborate with Tom!! And Steven Knight and his out-of-the-box directing, I'm sure has many more brilliant projects in his future.

  • Tom is such an amazing actor, Locke was brilliant, I'm glad Tom and Steven will be working together again soon. Great interview.

  • My daughter and I saw the very last (U.S.) screening of 'Locke' last evening in Portsmouth, N.H., the renovated old theatre (The Music Hall) was gorgeous, btw. Locke had a very limited release here in the states and we've been (beyond) wanting to see it, so we drove the hour there and back from Boston suburbia in 90+ degrees of heat and humidity with no AC, and being glad to do it.
    I'm not sure why we love good acting and I don't quite understand the draw, but we're compelled to watch and Tommy reels us in like mad… this film was just what we expected, compelling. Well done to Steven and Tommy, well done!

  • Totally unique human being! It seems to me he's always quite shy in situations like this. But oh, he's so intelligent and at the same time very cute…LOOOOVE him!

  • I have so much respect and admiration for Steven Knight and I love Tom Hardy's take on what an actor is or what makes him tick as an actor.

  • I was rooting for Locke. I wanted his wife to say OK, yes, let's work this out. But I think in the end, he came out the way he wants it to be; that he be responsible for his actions, whatever the consequences are.

  • Whenever I feel down at work, I listen to this interview. It is uplifting. "An actor is to act". I am not an actor, but life is a stage, isn't it? "If I fail trying, it's better than I am not trying".

  • I love his honesty man! Actors can be so pretentious about their 'technique' and method but he just tells it how it is and what works for him. Very refreshing and great to learn about.

  • when I saw this film I was instantly madly in love with this man who had made the most unforgivable mistakes.i just saw wuthering heights.this man is so…..attractive. whew😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • i watched it last night and still affected……i feel so sad about the toms character….i didnt knw men going through too much…

  • Almost no-one laughs when TH says "… then I wouldn't be doing my job, I'd be wanking". Is this too much of a British colloquialism?

  • I love Tom always dangling his foot during interviews, now I'm more certain that deep down he's just a lovely kind person.

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