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Coping with Job Search Rejection

interview success formula interview success formula dot com presents coping
with job search rejection a job search is a long process you will go through a lot trials during
the search it is perfectly normal for some want you
rejected for a job even with the high GPA sparkling
credentials if you have been rejected or you hear
rejection here are some thoughts to help you call
with this perfectly normal feel in the world business even the biggest company is not
safe the recession disprove this everyone is
vulnerable and business owners are struggling to
stay afloat there are times when you will get
rejected not because you’re not qualified but because it’s a business decision
today whenever there is a job opening hiring
managers have a hard time choosing because there might be hundreds highly
qualified applicants the reason that you were not hired is
probably because there weren’t enough slots for everybody everyone has his or her own personality ended the same way each company also has its own personality as the saying goes birds of a feather flock together and
there are times when hiring managers look beyond skills and experience there
are applicants get rejected because company is looking
for someone who has the personality that fits their own
this is because there are some people who will dry in that particular environments more
than others because the personality they have so the
next time you go job hunting be on the lookout for companies that
suits your personality the hiring process isn’t perfect there is no exact formula
for hiring managers to follow to find the best candidate among the
applicants there are times when they make mistakes
and choose the wrong person sometimes people follow their
instance or gut feeling and When the employers gut
feeling tells him not to hire you don’t take it personally additionally it is important to remember to stay
positive during your job search you will face problems along the way but
do not let them stop you from achieving your goal a job will surely come along if you do
not allow boss in the road to derail you you don’t
have to let job rejection get you off track if you
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