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Cops And Ex-Felons Seek To Find Common Ground

You, my friend, the first thing you said to me when I sat down was “oh my god” “You look like somebody I arrested before.” Dude I’ve known you for like two minutes. I don’t even know your name Can I have all my people who currently or previously have worked in law enforcement against that wall all the other people, on that side Apparently people are a lot braver than I am so, you know, or they’re a lot more comfortable with their stories Alright, my disagreers, come on in I’m just more excited to be here and To share stories, hear everybody else’s story For me more it’s so, uh, in our situations that you’re kind of conditioned like You guys are the enemy, you know? I don’t know how you guys feel about us, or, you know, I’ve never had a deeper conversation with law enforcement Probably from your point of view is is that it doesn’t always seem like The justice system is fair. I think that what you find though It’s if you truly love this job, and this work that you strive to find that balance in fairness I’m Puzzled by what he’s saying because I’ve never heard anything like this before Because I mean if it’s true what you’re saying then how come police aren’t policing police Why are you standing idly by while your fellow officers are going around shooting and killing unarmed black people Why is that happening? I don’t know. I probably did. Sold drugs, that’s why I did – I sold a shit ton of drugs and um, I Didn’t have family. I never – you know. I mean I grew up in foster homes. I didn’t have any type of family, but I Fucking knew that when I went to prison. I knew I didn’t want to come back to this shit You know what I’m saying, so while I was in prison I knew I needed to start there and build a foundation. I’ve been out of trouble since 1989 you know so I chose to commit my own crimes when I was younger. I wanted the violence. I could have easily chose to do something else But I was always there when things were gonna happen I was talking about – thinking about between my professional life or my personal life. I think that like you know, it’s it’s one of those things where like you look at for instance have I Have I killed anybody, have I robbed anybody, have I – like all these major felonies now have I sped before? Yeah, absolutely You know what I hear is uh? You’re telling me there’s levels of legality. I mean I used to be Sort of on that and to – like I grew up well, I went to private schools I mean, I’m not somebody you know like which stereotype as somebody who gone to prison You know and then I’ve gone to prison And I just find out how fucked up the system is. I mean what about that guy who goes out? Has dinner and has a drink. Ends up spending seven or eight years in prison because somebody started a fight with them. But then I meet people in prison who’ve Shot somebody in the back of the head execution style and only got ten years for it you know whereas for me I spent 13 years in prison because Somebody was hurting my family, and I thought like okay, well we’re gonna go get our stuff back from this person and I get conspiracy to commit robbery conspiracy to, you know, use a gun which has added another 10 years And it’s nothing ever happened. You know nobody got hurt and like maybe it’s cultural. Maybe it’s you know I grew up Where like you defend your family you know and yeah like was it a bad mistake sure Can I ask a question though, like, why your first thought wasn’t like, “Let me call the cops to help solve this issue?” Cause you know, like from my experience growing up Cops don’t help. They just come by, show up, make a great show of doing their jobs and then leave, but I’m just saying There’s no consistency in the system. It makes no sense, it depends on which county you go to which judge You show up in front of. It’s a political game. It’s – that’s not justice. What would you consider justice to be? I mean, I would like to see that, you know, there would be some consistency if I go to LA County or San Diego or wherever that The same crimes that carry the same time, there would be some, you know, consideration for, you know, situation. I don’t think there is. The criminal justice system truly does help to protect societies If we did not have it that there would be chaos. It may not be perfect right now, but we need the justice system, and we have to believe it For some reason it just seems to me that if you’re from a wealthier family, you’re easy to get off the hook When I was fighting my case I had a cellie who was Fighting the same crime that I committed For an attempted murder. He had came back said that the judge gave him one year with two strikes I don’t know how that went about but for me, I end up getting ten years with one strike And his family was wealthy. In that, did you have priors? Did he have priors? I had no priors. I just didn’t understand. Why is it that, you know, if your family has more money? It’s easier to get off the hook. A lot of times I saw that if you have a private attorney, high-power attorney I guess you have a better chance of getting off than having public defender That could be a little hole in the criminal justice system, but that’s how it is right now And then I don’t know how to address that issue so I guess that’s It shouldn’t be a game. It shouldn’t be a game with people’s lives, like how how can I get this? How can I negotiate a win with this person’s life? At the end of the day man, it’s all about money And it’s about numbers, and there’s no There’s no money in rehabilitation, man. There’s money in recidivism And if I could give up my job today as a result of no other people going to jail, which means that they would Actually stop committing crimes I would do it in a heartbeat Oh, yeah, but there’s not too many people like you If we had a system full of guys like you That’d be awesome, I think that that’s that’s but again See what you just said is that’s the perception that you have is that there are no, it’s not- It’s a reality for us. For me when I was inside and the nonprofit that I worked for we had You know, the programs in there, and this is a class that are is gonna help them You know, actually do something with their lives every evening while the guys are going to class like, they get harassed and they we come out of the class and All the cops are lined up and like, get on the wall, strip-search, tear up textbooks, tear up their personal property, their homework like yeah That’s how the system is, like on the way out of prison officers were telling me like, “I’ll see you back on the next one,” You know, like, that’s fucking bullshit Out of everybody in the circle, that he was the first one to actually voice The fact that he made choices. It’s in that moment that they claim dominion over themselves So I appreciate that. Thank you. Don’t know how they feel about that. I don’t think any one of us right here sat here and say like I didn’t make my own choices I understand I made my own choice. I got myself my own time. I thought yeah, I get the sense that you do too I think the larger issue is that the system is broken and that’s what I have a problem with. I don’t have a problem with taking ownership of my actions, it’s Society not taking ownership of its own creation. And I hope you don’t hear that He was the one – he was the only person vocal in saying that I will ask you this and I’ll challenge you. Do you know who your representative is – have you ever contacted their office? No. Have you ever contacted your Congress member? No. Then I suggest that you should. and here’s the thing, cause you strike me as a very smart individual that has the ability to go in influence. I agree with you as – I just think that You need to take a walk in our shoes. You know, like – and I don’t mean any disrespect by this, but You sound like a law enforcement pamphlet You know, like you sound like every perfect thing that they want you to say. It’s kind of like when you work in a company And the CEO says this is the policy, but when you’re on the ground level You know that there are certain things that just doesn’t work in reality I think you have, you know, great views And I think you’re – if we had, you know, law – like, just a team of law enforcement That’s exactly like you two, that have the same views, like, it would be great You know, but I also think that there is reality When you come out of prison, Everything is just so stacked against you, like it seems that that’s that commonality So like when a friend – since when I talked about coming out of military I had people that told me when and where to be, all these rules and regulations, and when I got out You know, there was nobody there. Same thing happens in prison. You have to break out of the prison mind mentality. Here’s the difference between The mil- and I agree with you, there’s a lot of similarities, There are a lot of commonalities with prison in the military, however when you’re in the military You’re told you’re the men of this country, are the defenders of this country. You’re men. When you go to prison, We were told that we’re pieces of shit, We were told that we’re animals, you know, and when you’ve gone through a decade of that, it – it gets in your head, Inside your mind. It’s like, “who am I,” like, “who am I to think that I can do these things?” it just Turns you into nothing, you know, and it makes you believe that you’re nothing, that you can’t do it And that’s something that you can’t put into, you know, LAPD policy, you know, and that’s what the justice system does to you, like it breaks you. But you know what, I can tell you this Me looking at you, I don’t see any of the things that you talk about. I would hope for you, for actually all three of you, that you know that you guys are able to escape those Boundaries that have been created, because guess what, at the end of the day, Like, you have one life to live and it’s going to be predicated upon the decisions that you make now. I honestly believe that They have a structure in place that can help. The people who are running it are the ones that need adjusting I think it needs a lot of work. I think the resources are put in to a lot of the wrong places and I’m not okay with Saying “well this is what we got so let’s try to work with it,” like, no I think that there should be moves To try to improve the system, like I don’t think we should ever be content. You know, like I said unfortunately when the budget crisis happens, training is the first one that goes out the door I think they need more training. If they’re training to save the one life, I think it is worth it. I also think communication, to build a unity in a community. That way that it can be trusted with one another and be able to work with one another with all the challenges that’s going on in this chaotic world do you have any information on your non profit organization? I do actually. Let me give you – you can look us up. Hey guys much appreciation We get to do what we love because you all watch our videos So if you really love us, you’ll continue to keep watching videos. There’s more right here that you can check out, you probably haven’t seen all of them And if you really want to just commit to us you can subscribe right here. I’ll be around, I’ll be at the end of some more videos, and I will keep in touch. Peace.

100 Replies to “Cops And Ex-Felons Seek To Find Common Ground”

  • Too short. Too filtered. The video needs to be longer and more questions needed to be asked and more discussion needs to happen.

  • I’ve been to jail & the system IS fucked up. It can be better but only we the people must fight about it don’t forget we are in control !!

  • I'm late to this video because I just now found this video, but I cannot finish watching this. First of all, the cuts ruin the dialogue. Second of all, the people brought in are seemingly always radical for their side. Although this makes for good arguments, it does not make for a good way to find common ground. Both sides seem to have uneducated people in them. Timothy, in my opinion, was in no way educated on how police matters and the justice system works, other than what he saw on cable news. Christopher seemed to be too blindly trusting of that same system. In reality, both sides are incorrect. There are too many videos like this in the series, and it is making me quit watching after only a few episodes. Feel free to use this comment for a discussion on what I said, but I would prefer it stay civil. But, this is the internet, so I guess that's probably not happening…

  • Yeah the justice system is fucked up. I saw a video of a guy getting pulled over for drunk driving. They found out he was a cop and helped him get home. No arrest. Like it was a total bro moment.

  • Yes the Justice system is not good cause the people who murder should not be able to walk out of prison at any cost.

  • the cop had a good point about the congressman thing, congressmen need your vote to be reelected, so if people started paying attention how their congressmen act then there'd be less of a problem

  • Why do the criminals keep playing the victim, like there all hard done by. They were in for attempted murder, conspiracy to use a gun (they must of had solid evidence to get him charged) and drug dealing. These three people alone have ruined many peoples lives. People need to stop feeling sorry for them.

  • Cops dont go around killing unarmed black people, unarmed white people get killed by cops more, the media just blasts the stories of blacks more, the reason why people who are unarmed get shot is because, they reach for their pockets when the cop says put ur hands up, or they charge after the cops, or they reach for another cops gun, if you do any of that, you will get shot, its not unlawful

  • Everyone in the comment section is like the asian guy who wanted to protect his family was this and that but what if he is lieing or taking it out of perspective, say someone stole something that was stolen from him and they didnt call the cops cause they would get arrested I don’t know just don’t believe everything

  • Its everybody elses fault. I take no personal responsibility. How come somebody else got less prison time, that’s not fair. I commit crime so I’m a victim

  • How can you call the cops when you see you’re family getting beat up, what… you need to call911 and wait 2,3,4,5,6,7 minutes and let them do it, like what?

  • My only rebuttal is they definitely rip apart your self esteem in the military. I can't even list all of the things they call you, and say just to strike different nerves.

  • Recently found your channel through a friend and I can't get enough. This one was one of the best clips I've watched in a long while.

  • I want to be a cop one day. One thing I will say is that cops have to stop pretending the system isnt broken. It is. Acknowledge it and move on and start focusing on fixing it instead of trying to convince people it's not broken

  • Police are the face of the justice system and take the brunt of the criticism, yet it's what happens in court that is the most fucked up. Police responds directly to the actions of the criminals. Without crime there is no police, it is a binary. But police aren't responsible for the systemic issues.

  • All right, people! Felons, for whatever reason they are in jail, have been through a lot, I think we can all agree. And yes, the justice system is clearly flawed, but that does not mean every felon/offender is innocent.

    Officers are doing their job. They are not all saints, no, but nobody is perfect. And not all officers will defend each other and disagree with a felon.

    The point is, neither side is completely innocent and correct.

  • Hate the justice system… Not the police

    Not the perfect justice system… But at least you're not getting execution in China.

  • 'Fellow officers going around shooting unarmed black people' Rarely happens, lots of incidents are cut up and edited or given an improper backstory

  • 8:20 "It's society not taking ownership of it's own creation…"

    I think that is actually the true way things are right now and the problem is, that the police uses the system as it is to, again, make profit instead of trying to make the system benefit all people…

  • "I have done something illegal in my life"
    Cops: wait to see if others will step forward

    Let's take a second to applaud this unwavering honesty. Really shows the kind of character they've got

  • They only got 2 cops? I know its only a one person difference, but did police not want to show up or something lol

  • The guy who spent the less time in jail is the most pissed off. The Asian cop looks like he was a dick and never gave out a Warning lol

  • They needed a judge and politician sitting in on this. A cop and whatever the other guy is only make up a small amount of the problem

  • Just barely got to this channel and binge watching this series! I’m glad that there is a wide spectrum of sit-downs. The very fact that it’s a safe space where people can talk amongst each other about differences and similarities of opinion, perspective, belief or ideas is amazing. I’m glad that there were mediators to purposefully cut the commentary, because if there weren’t….. things would get hectic. It’s not an argument. It’s discussion between adults in a safe space ❤️

  • Yes we need the justice but right now it is bad bad and it’s just kinda like the people on the other side don’t understand because they haven’t experienced it and yeah it is kinda like a game

  • Cop:*reads pamphlet in preparation for the vid*
    Also Cop: * preaches it*
    Asian Guy: Where did you get that from a pamphlet
    Cop: Ohno we’re busted

  • Lol they’re blaming the guy who is the nicer cop for the laws when he’s just doing his job when there are higher ups who actually run that ish and is THEIR faults

  • Of course criminals dont like cops, they dont let them commit their crime, because criminals always look for someone or something else to put the blame on besides themselves. They decided to commit the crime.

  • This as a very interesting topic. If there was some white guys on both side, it would have really stirred something up. Other then that I really understaand where everyone is coming from.

  • We don’t have a justice system. We only have a legal system. The difference? Our system has nothing to do with justice. It wish it did. We might have the best system in the world, but much needs to be done. The US imports more slaves than any other country in the world! Slavery is big business here. It’s horrible. Not to mention the fact that the disenfranchised are being locked up at a much higher rate. Additionally, reported crime goes on ignored by the enforcement agencies. So, yeah. NS

  • I don’t think u can say the justice system is broken. As it was never perfect. It is the best it’s ever been in history right now. However, it is far far from fair and perfect.

  • “Cops don’t help”. I can, in particular circumstances in particular jurisdictions, involving particular individuals, testify to the truth of that.

  • The Asian ex-con isn't bright. Well-read but emotional. I believe he DOES have a "prison-minded mentality". Inferiority complex.
    I served my country & I've served time. I evolved after both. I wasn't taught to strive. I wanted to so I figured out how.
    What's missing in every one of these arguments is an observation of competence. To pretend everybody's equal in genetic capacity is far from the truth. It's not your experiences, it's how you interpret them. Some people are indifferent when they're talked down to, others submit. It is what it is.

  • Always "the training needs to be better". What if the training is the problem? There are counties that literally train the wrong thing so if they get more of that training, it only becomes worse…

  • "I hope you can escape the boundaries"
    But we cannot.
    Being a felon is FOREVER. Police are on the team w the prosecution.
    Felons cannot vote so why would we contact a politician?
    When police realize they're the FRONT LINE of the broken jail system and start working for JUSTICE, some progress can be made.
    As long as police team up w prosecution and work AGAINST their fellow Americans, tax payers and main support group, they'll continue to be hated.
    Police CAN change the system by changing their perspective of suspects.

  • The biggest places where you can see money getting you out of trouble with the law is speeding tickets. Like when you watch interviews with people that get speeding tickets especially in other states they pretty much all say if you put money into the system down there you can get off without point against your license.

  • guy w dreads annoyed me, he talked in the first half with all sympathy points such as my skin color and the fact that he was poor and then got too upset to open up to more opinions.

  • Ping, Asian gentleman, was on point with every statement he spoke, it is a treated as game. He was very articulate. And Chan spoke the truth of what money can do and the injustice in the justice system.

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