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Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

– CUREs course based
undergraduate research experience is basically an introduction
to working like a scientist. You get a project, and you kind of run it
for the entire semester. I think it’s super beneficial,
as an undergrad, to do that. – A lot of other classes
that I’ve taken previously, it was like, “This is what
you’re going to do in the lab, “This is the result you should get, “and if you’re not getting that result, “you’re doing something wrong, “and you need to fix your technique.” When, in CUREs courses, you also get to kind of design your own experiment. You can come up with your own hypothesis, you draw your own
conclusions from the data. And you’re using much
more advanced techniques. – Society needs doctors,
they needs scientists, they need chemists, they
need, you know, physicists, things like that to
kind of keep progressing in medicine and technology and everything. CUREs is the way to kinda get students interested in that. Not at the senior year,
not at the graduate level, not at the PhD level, but
right from the beginning as an undergraduate. – The CUREs courses have
really influenced me because from them, I decided to go get my Masters, and pursue research as a career goal. And then it even did more
because it provided me an opportunity to be a lab instructor for one of the CUREs courses, and now that’s influenced me to consider being a professor in the future. – For me, specifically,
it really got me into looking into undergrad research of my own, which is why I’m in undergraduate
research now as a senior. You get to learn from your mistakes, you get to kind of see your results over the course of several
weeks, not just one week. – It’s a really cool way to be exposed to what life in research could be like. Science is about exploration,
and CUREs, I think, provides an avenue to do that. (upbeat music)

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