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Creating a Game Plan: Job Search Skills – Professional Development 101

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Unit Two of’s Job Search Skills course, and thanks
for being here. In Unit One of this course,
you completed personality self-assessments to
learn how to begin to make career decisions
based on your unique style, strengths, and abilities. Moreover, you’ve
discovered how to research types of jobs and
careers that are compatible with your
interests and values. The next step in your
job search journey is to use the insight
you have obtained through self-assessment
to focus your efforts on effective research
and activities. For example, in this
unit you’ll find resources that will help you
explore the job search support that is available to you. In addition, you will learn how
to research current information regarding today’s
job market, and how to identify appropriate
employers in your local labor market. Well, you’ve probably heard
of the Department of Labor. You may not know that this
government department has partnered with local agencies to
provide an array of job seeker services. These sites are called one-stop
career centers and offer zero cost services related to
virtually all aspects of job search. You can access the link
provided in Subunit 2.2 to learn more about a one-stop
career center that is near you. One of the most
comprehensive resources available to job seekers
is the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor
Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. This site provides in-depth
information about occupations, including the range of
pay for a particular job, the level of training
and experience required to enter that
field, whether or not there is on the job training,
and the projected median pay for that type of job
throughout the decade. This unit also includes
learning resources that will help you create your
own personal job search plan. For example, CareerOneStop
offers information on how to research potential
employers of interest to you, including key questions
to ask these employers and where do obtain
answers to your questions. This unit will assist you
in formulating an organized plan of action so
that you aren’t embarking on this job search
journey without a roadmap. While there are many online
resources available to you that can guide you throughout
your job search, we have selected several
value-packed sites to ensure that your finite
budget of time, money, and energy are optimized
and result in a successful endeavour. Keep up the good work,
and I’ll see you back here at the beginning of Unit Three. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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