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Creating Cover Letters with the Resume Builder Tool

Welcome to our video series on using the Illinois
workNet Resume Builder, powered by Optimal Resume. This video explains how to create or edit
a letter in your Document Center. From the Document Center of your Resume Builder
account, find the Letters block. You can find other letters that you have created or Create
a New Letter, which is what we are going to do for our demonstration. Click on Create New Letter. Just like with
the resume, you will need to name your letter. You can also upload a letter, but you will
not be able to edit it. Once you type a name, click the Start Letter button. The window opens to three options
Browse Letter Samples – Provides 8 types of letters with a total of 36 options. Each
type includes sample language based upon experience level. You just have to pick a template and
personalize it with your information. Browse Letter Types – provides a variety
of types you complete the content details. If you get stuck, there are examples of content
that you can use based upon the type of letter you are writing. Start from Scratch – only provides your
name and contact information and you fill in all of the content. For this video, we will use the Browse Letter
Samples option. If you watched our video on resumes, you will
see a similarity between the category options presented for the resume samples and those
of the letters. You will also see that you can view the samples all at one time or by
specific category. For this video, we will use the Follow-Up
category. Under the experience levels, you have 2 entry level, 1 mid-career, and 1 experienced
sample from which to select. If you would like to view the sample more
in-depth just click on the title of the sample, it will open to a new window so that you can
read the entire letter. If you want to use this sample, just click the words
“use this sample” or click the “X” to close the sample. Let’s look at a mid-career letter. We are going to use this sample. The sample letter opens with all of your contact information
already filled in at the top of the letter. Double check that your contact information
is correct! The first box that needs to be completed is
the contact information for the person to whom you will be sending the letter. Click
in the highlighted box to begin making the edits. Fill in the information that you have,
but make sure to have a complete mailing address and salutation. You also have the ability
to change your styling, format your header, and use spellcheck! Next, click in the body of the letter to make
changes to the text. The reason you use the sample is to create the best letter possible,
but please change the language to personalize it to you! If you need some new phrases to
include, just click on the Examples and they type of letter – Follow-up, and which paragraph you are using to look at
options for your letter. You can also find Action Verbs by clicking on
that button. After your letter is written, return to the
tools at the top of the page. They are the same ones that are available for the resumes.
• Rename a letter that you saved, • Clone a letter to use it for another employer,
• Download your letter, • Share it with someone using the link provided,
• preview your print version, • add items to your to do list, and
• switch between letters in the event that you found some great language to use in your
other letters. As you make changes to your letter, the changes
are saved automatically as you save your section. You can return to the Document Center from
the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page or in the top menu. Your letter will automatically
update the date of the letter the next time you open it. From the Document Center you can access the other sections. Thanks for watching this Illinois workNet
Resume Builder tool video. Be sure to watch the other videos in this series to help you
better use the Resume Builder tool.

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