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CSUEB Career Development for International Students

Cal State East Bay is in the heart of the cultural, technological, and educational center of California. Each year over 500 of our international students get work experience through practical training in the Bay Area. “I chose to come to Cal State East Bay because of the great job opportunities here in San Francisco Bay Area.” “One of the Center’s here is Silicon Valley , and I mean it’s obvious that if you’re a programmer, this is the place to be. …preferably I’d like to build a network and connect with many people as possible.” “Everyone here is successful in many ways, and that’s very rare to find it in other places… It’s only in the bay area.” “There are [a] lot of world top companies here. The job opportunities will be more in big cities such as San Francisco.” I hope I can get some quality work experience during my school time. “if you are looking for a hands-on experience and majors that require a hands-on practice, I highly recommend Cal State East Bay. It’s not only giving you an in-class knowledge But it also gives you opportunity to go out and practice. By the time we graduate from this program, We’re ready to go into the workforce.” “My professor that really helped me through this process of learning is [my] graduate advisor. She’s the one that Introduced me to this all kinds of different organizations and make me end up with this amazing nonprofit which is Drivers for Survivors.” “I met with a career counselor that she helped me and give me advice How I can get OPT or CPT from the beginning of my program.” “My name is Cheryl Burns and I’m the Career counselor for graduate students. I help students number one figure out what they want to do with their major; help them with their interviewing skills; I also help them with networking. We have three career fairs a year– we usually have one in October, January, and then March or April.” “The career development has helped me a lot in terms of being prepared for the interview… and especially how you can actually …score the interviewer with your skill and the experience.” With an inspiring setting for career exploration just a short drive from Silicon Valley and San Francisco, CSUEB provides students with a wealth of resources and opportunities for internships and work placements.” “The Bay Area is a great place for international students to come because of the percentage of companies [that] do hire international students– a lot of them are located in the Bay area. “I attend to many Workshop or Career fair to know more about business environment in the US and they offer me the information about internship the the [full-Time] opportunity when I graduate. “I can have my OPT in amazing companies, like big companies like Google like Gap like maybe Facebook… “I’m doing the optional practical training right now at Zhone Technologies. Being a financial analyst at Zhone Technologies really helped me build a foundation of how an actual financial analyst is moving and it’s the very fast-moving position where I can get hands-on experience. Start up your career or take it to the next level with a degree from CSUEB. Wherever you want to go Cal State East Bay is a great place to start. Find out more and apply today.

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