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Cuban government’s control of the economy, and its impact on self-employment in Cuba

The existence of the private sector
in Cuba comes along with the mistrust of authorities towards free enterprise. This is stated by a self-employer
from the island that complains about the State
preventing hiring his services. The private sector, called in our
country self-employment, is a solution to pair the
downsizing policy made by the State. Many people complain that
government entities do not trust, or are afraid to hire
private employees to do capital works. It is stipulated, we self-employed can work and provide our services to State institutions. When TCP work is written in the
political party ordinance. It is a tentative work. But that does not mean
it is not a state sector. Everyone knows that State companies,
without underestimating anyone, most of them, do not work out. Because the salary is extremely low, or not satisfying enough,
as a reward for what they are doing. And then the robbery,
the amortization. If you are not going to hire
TCP as State enterprises, please say so. There are over 80 bathrooms in
city of Havana, in schools, that could not be repaired. This has nothing to do with Women in
White, nor whatshisname, nor anybody. I am a revolutionary man. What I feel is a huge pain,
because I’ve always lived out of my work. It is a job to bring a decent
meal to the table. And if not, give me an answer. Look, let’s talk, this is not like that. That’s it. I will manage. The truth is that in a country like
ours, still developing, the lack of awareness and authority as a habit from many years
of centralized economy, are causing serious
problems to native individuals who wish to develop their business
under the system of self-employment. Specially when there is so much need,
in the construction industry, where schools and hospitals,
just to give some examples, demand skilled workers, whether
from the State or self-employed.

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