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Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

100 Replies to “Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education”

  • Es la demostracion de amor a la humanidad mas grande que he visto en vida mia.Quizà sea el primer paso para lograr superar nuestros problemas mas graves y conseguir sobrevivir como especie humana. Yo soy un courseriano màs.

  • Coursera Downloader and Study Companion with support for NPTEL courses too.

  • I can really relate to her anecdote about students taking notes without understanding what the teacher says… It's what happens to me everytime :))

  • what i would like to say is coursera is place where like minded join each other .Which make learning interesting and which brings miracle solution to the problem

  • Interesting. very good informations. I have always found there is a barrier of speed of system creation. My idea is not to sign contracts or engage programmers when I needed to establish new eLearning system instance. Each time I needed create a new platform I needed to do that easy and with no additional agenda or time. Therefore I was surprised very positive when I found  which offers free system creation within few seconds by filling easy form and the system is born.

  • Excellent! I can't wait to see what all they have to offer, I have been wanting to go back to school however, I can't afford it so hopefully this is the answer.

  • Forget about this free education thing. They have started to charge for the courses. Its no more free stuff. And the worst part is, they have done this silently, without making much noise and letting people know about there change in policy. The Einstein and Jobs in professors speech have died already in the greed of money! 🙁

  • Only the one who value the education will understand the value of this talk. Such a big heart, your work is sensational, admiring you!!

  • There's an amazing point here about Analytics. The data that we can collect through online courses can be so, so useful from an instructional point of view and be crucial tot he course, not just for students (to whom we can give precise feedback), but also for the instructors who can see where the the learner is getting confused and thus revisit the course and make necessary adjustments.

  • Online education provides a path to education. There are a lot of free courses out there. Getting it from top universities is a bonus and something to add to the resume. Notre Dame has online courses and certificate programs. Go to the FAQ page to learn more.

  • words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation !! Coursera could be a life changing experience for a lot of student around the world !! YOU ARE THE BEST 😀

  • Excellent openings for all to get great education for free. All foundation courses for students should be available for free.
    I find as an excellent start for many children who want free education.

    Once students have mastered these courses and want to learn more, they should be able to apply to join the Universities if they choose or for reduced costs access upgraded modules from home.

    Visit this- as an excellent start for many children who want free education.

  • Too bad they became a public Corporation who legally has to maximize profits, now it's basically the same as any other university.

  • Free education is available now all around the world! I appreciate the opportunity of studying in university, and i hope i can be a life-long learner by using the learning courses and materials online to acquire more knowledge and skills for myself, my family and my community. i believe i would have opportunity in the future to help others all around the world.

  • I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. This old Chinese proverb even applies to university learning it seems. It is fundamental to all real learning.

  • i deeply respect the system of 'coursera' ; personalized learning, giving the right to take classes that can ignite people's creativity and peer learning etc. But i have one question, if people don't have computers or smartphone, is there no opportunity to access the great 'coursera'?So still, there are poeple who don't have the opportunity to make their lives better and change their familly and their countries. we should think about that point!!!!!

  • What an incredibly interesting, inspiring and motivating video on the revolution of education. Watching this brings so much hope for so many people around the world. Thank you!

  • After 4 years we all know how this ended up. Free content is hidden and restricted. Widely accessible free content is gone.

  • As someone whom works a lot in a variety of jobs, online learning is so helpful I have zero time to go to a school, but I can study at night after work. I have taken several fantastic certificate and non certificate courses through MOOC. But some of the courses do have a fee thus it is not completely universally accessible, scholarships are available. ie. The business courses are approx. $105 which could be too much for some people, perhaps they should all be free and funded by philanthropy. I personally think post secondary schooling should very accessible thus free covered by gov't and private donors, as is done in Germany. There are multiple benefits to the greater public good via having free education for everyone.

  • Daphne Kollner habla acerca de la accesibilidad a la educación de alta calidad, poniendo como ejemplo Sudáfrica y las mejores universidades de Estados Unidos, por distintas razones ennumerables a algunas personas no les es posible acceder a una educación de calidad lo que representa un número pequeño de personas a las que sí. Así que surge la idea de tomar las mejores clases de los mejores profesores de las mejores Instituciones y reproducirlas en línea, gratuitamente, con la idea de con esto llegar significativamente a más personas que con el método tradicional dentro de un aula.
    Han encontrado que la diferencia entre la plataforma que ofrece y la educación por internet que ha existido desde tiempo atrás es que tiene tiempos determinados específicos, semejantes a un calendario escolarizado, con pruebas, clases y término específico, lo que disminuye la postergación, la cual es un fenómeno global. La individualización de los cursos y la entrega de certificados con valor real. La incoporaicón de cursos en línea da cabida a la innovación educativa, pertinente con el plan de mejora, el uso y aprovechamiento de las TICS permite el aprendizaje dinámico, actualizado y novedoso.Los docentes deben de reflexionar y utilizar las herramientas que tienen a su alcance y sobre todo, asumir que hoy en día se trabaja en una red de aprendizaje, lo cual da cabida a la colaboración y retroalimentación educativa.

  • Thank You Daphne Koller. I am infatuated with your scope and vision. I just enrolled in Music Theory from Coursera, sponsored by the University of Edinburgh.

  • I am not new to online courses but a big thanks for the lecture explaining the details of Coursera usage. I'd suggest that the speaker now focus on breathing exercises to help her deliver her speeches more smoothly.

  • Daphne, a quick note on (13:59): by the time when you gave the talk, Czechoslovakia had ceased existing for about 20 years. Just to remind you of fluidity of the world's political geography when you mention those students in Eastern Europe flocking to Coursera like it's their last resort.

  • The adrenaline of speaking in front of many people weights in but the speech is great. Coursera, Khan Academy and many more platforms or free courses from universities are making the difference for many students now. Raspberry Pi's technology also helps people to get affordable technology to connect them with online education. On the other side learning distribution systems like Ayris ( are changing the small and mid-sized companies learning environments. It's amazing where things are going! We need more people constantly engaged in education!

  • Stanford class rooms have 400 students for machine learning. Coursera provides a similar educational experience to 100,000 folks. Result is that the value of the educational experience drops to almost nothing, and the supply of entry level trained folks overwhelms the industrial need. So industry hires the 400 students from Stanford, then to fill the 400 more openings they have, the ask for x years of experience, and complains about the lack of experienced engineers in machine learning and the need to bring the top folks from all around the world to work the jobs here.

    If the role of universities were to provide education, then competition would have prevented the huge inflation in the cost of a university education in recent years. But really, the function is to filter out some folks from the best jobs. Since competition is greater, the value of getting through the filter is high.

    I would think that at some point, some company will stop hiring university educated, will go heavy into broadly hiring, providing training, and firing low performers. But the name of that company is not going to be Apple, Microsoft, Google, or Facebook.

  • Stop complaining that it isn't free anymore. This video was published in 2012. They need to charge people else they cannot mantain a site with countless courses.

  • This could become the tool of the powerful, used to indoctrinate the masses. How does one prevent this from becoming a tool of misdirection or corruption?

  • Nonsense. This is not true. This is not free. They have conformed and contributed to the high cost of Education.

  • A brilliant presentation by a visionary innovator. In many ways, my redesigned membership community will use this global concept to culturally connect members around the world. www dot mssconnect dot com is my launching pad for this online learning community. Thank you, Dr. Koller, for helping to make this concept possible.

  • Dr. Koller is going to really make the machine of higher learning upset. I love these courses. Opportunities like this are an awesome blessing for the poor and intelligent community who would like to contribute to society with their gifts. Thank you for designing this.

  • Dear Daphne. I found your opening comments about South Africa a powerfully complex example to motivate your argument for free online education. I have just visited a town in the Northern part of South Africa where children have to hitchhike 40 km to high school if they want to go. Most don't. There is no school bus and no money to get one. This is in the Ubuntu municipality, named after Mandela's popular phrase describing the people's benevolence towards each other. Ubuntu municipality is bankrupt and one of the most corrupt municipalities in South Africa. There is no money for a bus or a driver and so there will probably never be a school bus and only a small handful of determined kids will get to high school. Would online learning change their lives? Sure if their public schooling taught them basic computer skills and if there was access to computers and data. I recently finished teaching a digital skills workshop with students from a public school, aged 12-15 and most did not know how to google or use a printer. For online access, South Africa has some of the highest prices for data in the world. So back to your use of the powerfully emotive example of South Africa. Twenty-four years ago the ANC became the government of South Africa. The ANC now run this country and invest, or don't invest in education. It is no longer making sense to use Apartheid as the only reason for what doesn't work. The problem now lies in massive corruption and students and young learners in small towns in South Africa are losing. It will be awhile before online education can benefit them.

  • Daphne, your facts are not correct about the education in South Africa. Thought I would just let you know, so please do your research before you speak.

  • Highly inspiring presentation that talks to very critical human rights issues of universal access and lifelong learning. With such initiatives the world would really be a better place to live. I will certainly visit the coursera site.

  • Дафна Коллер чудесный человек, курсера открыла для меня целый мир новых возможностей. Спасибо!
    Это мой любимый сайт

  • If schools aren't going to use any of their facilities for fee for service research to the local governments, then how can you possibly make a claim to society at large in public schools that what you do is beneficial?

  • What we really need are courses on discipline. There's lot of information and education all over the internet yet people still spend more time with games and social networking than actual learning, then complain when they can't pay their bills and have to work at a job they despise. We have a real problem of making ourselves do things we really need to do for our long term betterment. We all need help in this area. Basically, most of us quit way too soon and because of this, we don't give ourselves a chance to get really good at something. It takes a while for most of us to find things we're good at. If we don't learn about many things the chance of finding our talents is rather remote. Wealthy parents have the ability to expose their children to a much wider variety of areas than poorer parents. Online education can bridge this gap. Online education is really the hope for the future. But so far its been a dismal failure as people would rather play and be entertained than learn and improve. Maybe we need courses for snowflakes. And we're all snowflakes part of the day.

  • Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.
    Plus,the state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms automatically analyzes videos to locate and pull the precise location of key points of interest like – topics, scenes, people, sentiments, brands, expressions, labels and much more. Allowing you to rapidly gain intelligent insights from any video.

  • Love Coursera! I'm housebound & unable to sit in a class. I loved my classes at our local CC, the mean age was 33 & it was wonderful. Personally, I detest multiple choice tests; give me written tests where I can explain in depth & connect with like- minded others.

  • Executive Mobility-July
    * NY Public Library Offers Digital Collection; Apps; Adult Education & Professional Development

  • I'm preparing education start up just like coursera, mooc but with little different perspective. Her talk gave me inspiration.

  • Bottom line with online courses is that the majority do not complete them. Just because it's online and free, doesn't mean people will complete them. That isn't an argument for pay model that is currently around although it does simplify it. Bottom line with any kind of education whether offline or online(especially) is focus. You have to dedicate it MIND space, time, focus. The idea that you can do 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there… soon the novelty wears off and you abandon it.

  • The reason education costs have increased so much is because of the ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF jobs ! These unnecessary full time positions have REPLACED the full time TENURE positions. The quality of education suffers, less full time instructors offered, so that we can have staff members sitting around on facebook and slacking off in the office, while thousands of adjunct are having a crisis, no insurance, so that idiots can sit around in the office and absorb adjunct faculty insurance and benefits.

  • Such an inspiring TT. This model / mission has made such an amazing impact around the world. Lots of wood to be ignited!

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