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DIGITAL NOMAD Advice – Choosing Your Freelancing Profession – Dreams Around The World

So just yesterday I saw comment on my
how to work for yourself video and it was alright awesome video now I just
need to figure out what I’m passionate about or what I should actually do and
so I thought let’s make a video about that if you know you want to work for
yourself maybe as a freelancer maybe it’s just because you want to earn more
money have more freedom maybe you want to become a digital nomad how do you
take that desire and then figure out actually what you should do and this is
something that I’ve been coaching people on and working with people for quite a
while and in this video I’m gonna pack in as much as I possibly can on it so
step one is to take a personal inventory like figure out who the hell are you
right and for this is a couple things to look at their strengths and talents and
sometimes those overlap and then there is skills skills are specific things
you’ve learned so if you’re thinking about a resume think Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Word you know sales meetings that sort of thing strength and talent
are more personality aspects so maybe you’re really like a strength to be that
you’re great with people or you can always convince people to do what you
want or maybe you’re I’ve always been good with writing so writing would be a
talent of yours you haven’t necessarily developed that talent into a marketable
skill yet but you’ve had that talent in school kids said or maybe kids maybe
your teacher said you know you’re really good at writing you have a strengths
here that kind of thing other strengths could be things like
you’re really well-organized you’re good at problem-solving you’re good at
dealing with multiple things at one time stuff like that so personality strengths
now the best way to figure these out if some don’t already come to mind there’s
two areas one is taking different personality tests and the second is just
thinking about situations where you’ve done awesome things so that’s what we’re
gonna start out with here and do it as a bit of an exercise so what I want you to
do is come up with five different scenarios that you can remember from
your past that you have felt good about you’ve accomplished something you
done something you’re proud of maybe it’s not something you’re proud of even
but objectively it’s an accomplishment so to give you an example of that is
like I graduated from a fairly top university in psychology I don’t
consider that a accomplishment like that’s just how I am I didn’t even I
skip my graduation ceremony but to outside people that is an accomplishment
and it’s probably because I’m too hard on myself that I never took the time to
celebrate that so thinking of five accomplishments or or moments in your
life that you’re really proud of so what’s the first one number one
seriously tell me I I’m working with the NSA I can hear you first situation maybe
write it down maybe just say it out loud got it first situation you’re really
proud of cool second situation think of a moment in your time in your past that
you were feeling really proud of yourself you were challenged and you
overcame a challenge and you accomplished something awesome
what’s that thing got it cool let’s do a third one third think of something that
you’ve accomplished that maybe to you wasn’t a big deal but if you really
objectively think about it it might have been a big deal to most other people
think of something cool and we need the fourth one fourth one something that you
have accomplished in your past that you felt really proud of that at the end
you’re like yeah that’s pretty awesome not a lot of people do that fourth one
got it cool and one more the last is a wild card anything you feel was a great
accomplishment or you were proud of just write that down or say it out loud to me
I’ll write it down for you here if you are older or not good with technology I
can’t really hear you so I’m not actually writing this down so don’t like
complain when I don’t send you back the notes the NSA may have it though so
that’s all good cool so you’ve got those five things right now save those we’re
not gonna use them anymore in this video but I want you to save those moments
because what you’ll do later is to go back to them and think of what strengths
what talents or what skills of yours allowed you to accomplish that right so
for instance if I think back to I’ll take the university example because it’s
the one I used before I think back to my university degree how was I able to get
that degree was it hard work in hours and hours of studying if I was editing
this I put like images of me at 20 just maybe a little drunk no it was not
necessarily hard work and persistent what it was is I was studying things I
enjoyed the classes on psychology especially certain topic that I really
liked were the ones I always did best in I’m relatively smart and I knew when to
work intelligently so when I had to do things I managed to pull it off that for
me would be probably the traits that got me through university so that’s the kind
of process to think about for each of these areas so the next thing is to
think of three people who’ve known you for quite a while so they don’t have you
don’t have to have been in touch with them for the last decade but you should
have known them for at least a decade so when you first met this could be a
teacher an old boss it can be family and good friend but don’t make that everyone
because they have different ways of seeing us so think of those three people
now just three people could be high school teachers that could be an old
boss anyone that you could get in contact with go one two three got them
cool so your next homework assignment is to contact them and say hey I’m watching
this really weird annoying guy on YouTube and he’s helping me figure out
what kind of business I should start or what kind of freelancing profession I
should have or heaven forbid you want to get a job what kind of job you could be
good at and in that and then ask you know I’m wondering like from your memory
of me or from your knowledge of me what are a few things that I do
really well better than most people that’s the only question to ask now you
can always clarify go back and forth but just what are a few things that I do
better than most people and you could add to it that I might not be aware of
or I might not notice often the things we do really well we don’t actually
realize our unique things to us because it comes so naturally that we don’t see
the value in it right this happened with freelance writers or people who are
really good at talking or sales sort of stuff is it comes natural so they don’t
realize that it’s a relatively rare strength to have so if you actually do
those two exercises you’re going to start to get a really good sense of some
things you’re good at and then the next thing from there is you want to compile
an inventory of basically options what you could be doing as your freelance
profession or if you want to use this to do something else you can do that as
well right basically compiling your options now that makes me think I should
probably make a video on that as well or I have some older content on that I
might share here on YouTube from a paid course of mine so I’ll cover you on that
if you’re going to freelance route I’ll make sure I get some content up on that
soon so that you can go over the various options like what actually could you be
doing and then you can use your inventory of your strengths what you’re
good at and the list and compare them and then the other thing that you want
to keep in mind although it should not be your driving force is economic
factors so some things do pay better than others or have more opportunities
but that should not be your only driving factor by any means and you also want to
consider the potential lifestyle elements of it right so certain jobs are
gonna require different Hardware setups in terms of computers or that different
location requirement so if your goal is to become a digital nomad and travel the
world while you do your work you want to keep that in mind and make sure that the
free lunch route you go down will allow you to do that now fortunately with
technology most things allow you to do that now so it’s not that big of a deal
so now you have that and maybe you narrow down this list and again I’ll
make sure to provide that somewhere or create it I guess
making more work for myself this is ridiculous so you want to take that list
and your short list from it and apply the 70% rule now this is a as I believe
add an invention something that I’ve talked about in another video and it is
the approach of when you are 70% sure that something is a good path to go down
it right so often what we want is we want perfection we want to know okay I
need a hundred percent I need charts I need a PowerPoint I need graphs before
I’m even going to start anything right because the worst thing I could do is
fail I’d much rather just do nothing and sit around so we end up sort of
paralyzed right analysis paralysis they call it that’s not good you don’t want
that so the 70% rule is saying that when you’re about 70 percent sure that a
route is right for you just do it and then you’ll learn from it and figure it
out one of two things will happen it turns out it is the right route for
you to go down and you’re like awesome I picked the right one life is awesome or
it turns out it isn’t but it’s probably somewhat closer to what you wanted so
one of two things will happen is you’ll either go down it and it’s not the right
path and you’ll say okay it’s not quite there but I’m almost there
so I just need to tweak my offer a little bit and I think I’ll be happier
and then maybe you get 80% there 90 percent there right and you keep
tweaking it over a year or two until you end up in your perfect niche and
profession the other thing that can happen is you go down a route and you
realize I hate this this is a terrible thing I do not enjoy this at all in
which case you reset but you’ve learned a lot about yourself it’s valuable to
try something and fail or to try something and not like it that’s how you
gain the most insight into yourself so trust me as someone who’s tried a lot of
things and failed a lot of times and done a lot of dumb stuff along the way
this is the best way to accelerate your learning process jump in try something
I’m not saying take your life savings and jump in or like remortgage your
house freelancing usually requires a very minimal and
like a few thousand bucks maybe for some training for some web stuff or graphics
or that jump in try it see what happened and then it just and this is something
that I experienced myself but I’ve also seen in the students in the free
freelancer which is my group coaching and training program is some people join
the program and they’re fairly sure they want to go down a certain freelancing
route so they say hey you know just an example like hey I want to be a
freelance writer and they joined the program and then they realized through
the program and through getting their first few clients like actually I don’t
really necessarily like writing for other people or I find you know there’s
something with I don’t like but in the process of dealing with clients I
realize that a lot of them have X problem right they have horrible
websites and I think actually I’d prefer to make websites that’s more fun for me
something like that and that happens a lot so we start out going down one route
and then by going down that route you learn a lot about yourself you learn a
lot about business in general like how to sell people and what invoices are and
all that and you also learn a lot about a specific industries right so you start
working with clients and then you’re like hey they have all these problems I
could solve maybe I could do this for them or maybe I could do that for them
and it’s how you gain that more that knowledge to get to 100 percent if you
have not worked for yourself before or in your first you know couple months of
it or something there’s no way you’re ever gonna get to a hundred percent in
terms of your knowledge about where you should focus because you just don’t have
enough knowledge and the only way you get that kind of knowledge is by doing
it’s by working with clients it’s by failing it’s by succeeding it’s by
learning as you go when you’re learning whether it’s from like a training course
or books or just whatever it is videos obviously you learn a lot quicker when
you’re applying it when there’s some money on the line and this is something
one of my students said to me the other day is like holy crap I’m learning so
much faster now that have some things on the line like I’m
working on proposals for clients and all that because before then you don’t have
deadlines you kind of dabble you take your sweet time on everything
once you’re learning with a client and money is on the line I would say triple
maybe you 10x your learning speed and how quickly you learn how motivated you
are and how much more you get done so what are the next steps here first
complete those inventory activities take yourself inventory what are you good at
go over your accomplishments again focus on accomplishments for now not failures
it’s not gonna help you so focus on what you’ve done well look for those
strengths identify strengths and talent skills are good to know as well like if
you happen to be a great programmer or writer awesome but if you don’t you can
learn that as well so personally I would lean towards more the talents and
strengths of where to focus and then figure the skill to something to learn
over time that that’s my own approach with it but if there’s a skill you’ve
developed because you also have a strength in that area then perfect
you’re ready to go so as I said there’s a few ways to develop that personality
test can be helpful but I would start with reaching out to friends and family
like I said so reach out to three people maybe past colleagues old friends
extended family members are probably better than close ones and ask them like
what are what is some skills or talents or strengths I have that you may notice
that I probably have missed similarly go through that activity on the five
accomplishments and what you can learn from each one that’s gonna give you your
basic inventory the next step which again I made more work for myself is to
look at some of your options right so I will link to that probably a pop-up now
whatever side it’s on for the video and I’ll put it below in the description
I’ll create some more resources for you for that which gonna be so much work but
I’m gonna do it because I promised you so I’m gonna
create some resources where you can actually look at what are the
available jobs what’s on the market that you could possibly do last is narrow it
down shortlisted and then just pull the trigger and get going and then you’re
looking at how do you get your first clients and I have other videos on that
as well and content so obviously there’s a lot to learn but that’s part of
anything in life right you don’t become a doctor overnight you university takes
four five years depending on how you do it
things take time and so this is the first step if you really want to narrow
it down get clear on who you are what your strengths are look at the inventory
basically of should say inventory look at the options list that I’ll come up
with it’s probably gonna be in video form though and then take a risk try
something out see how you do it just see how you do adjust and within a couple
years you’re gonna be so focused and doing the exact thing that is right for
you and along those few years you’re gonna learn so much through your child’s
errors successes it’s gonna be awesome that’s it I’m gonna link to all the
things that I’ve promised you here at the I don’t know end of the video in the
description like I said everywhere there’ll be a lot of links you can’t
miss it and that’s it if you are going down this route of freelancing working
for yourself I would definitely encourage you to head to my website
dreams around the world calm and I have a nine part free training that you can
sign up for called the life design approach and again that is about
figuring out what you want to do and how to design the life you want around who
you are right so rather than saying like here’s how you can make money online
it’s like figure out who you are figure out what you want and then design your
life on that and it’s a pretty fun training as well so join that and if you
haven’t already do subscribe to the channel as I said I’ll make more videos
along this path of working for yourself and all that and you’ll get them all
Cheers if you have questions leave them in the comments below thanks

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  • Hey Dan, I've heard that you were doing copywriting before coaching and I was wondering what was the reason for your career change? I'm a copywriter myself, and I find that this career path isn't the best for meeting other people. Being a very social person, I really struggle with this aspect of copywriting even though I love writing and creating. So just wanted to hear your personal perspective, if you don't mind sharing? Love your videos btw!

  • If you are ready to start working for yourself, as a bonus I want to share my free training with you that'll help you get started and keep you on track! Sign up here:

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