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Dima Gorin’s Career (1961) movie

Production Co: Gorky Film Studio Dima Gorin’s Career Writing Credits: Boris Medovoy Directed by Frunze Dovlatyan, Lev Mirsky Cinematography by Konstantin Arutyunov Production Design by Mark Gorelik Costume Design by Yekaterina Aleksandrova Music by Andrey Eshpay In a big city man lived. Strictly following the advertising He crossed the street only
by the rules. He has insured his property and even their lives which was supported by
use of organic coffee, jam, pleasant and useful, and fish sticks, healthy and delicious. He does not do recommendations of advertising Only then, that did not call
on the phone to other cities. He did not. However, he did not use plane and kept the money
Swiss bank account. Although the bank had
direct relevance. Sorry, the form. That’s letterhead, please. It is generally very small. – Are you filled?
– J. Rewrite. Dmitry Grigorievich, go,
please contact Efim Mikhailovich. Aunt Nyura close. Years, my dear years. The law of nature – it’s time. Yes, and you go. The person you are energetic,
live, work you know. I do recommend it. I think you – it’s
the most suitable candidate. So, sometimes in very ordinary day – Start a career.
– Well, I congratulate you. – Open up to a minute.
– Closed, closed, can not. – Yes, I briefly …
– Aunt Nura, do not open. – One minute, I promise.
– Open the door. I can not, can not,
you forgive me, please. Sorry, I should get
today. Working time is over,
come tomorrow, please. But, I ask you … Unfortunately,
can not do anything. E. .. What is it? You know, I’m a newcomer. In your bank –
money to our team. I should get them today. – Well?
– Well, that’s all. High position gives rise to
indulgence. – Let me serve you.
– Please. Natalia Sidorovna, practice,
please. 52 256. – How come?
– All. How nice to feel
democratic, attentive, even if you want
sensitive head. 21 000 677
83 kopecks. From a distance? From the construction site. Bratsk? No, beyond the Urals. Thank you. Thank you. – Maybe we could go, beer we drink?
– What? – Beer drink.
– Thank you, I do not drink. – Yes, I do not drink.
– No, thank you, thank you. Well, all the best. Citizen! With this amount of money should not be
walk around the city. And what will become of me? Say to the stadium
should I take? You, just in case,
Hold the lid with your finger. I’ll be waiting for your call. Exercise fourth. Salaru Brahmin yogi. Stand on your head and bend
spine inside. – … spine inside …
– Hello. – Hello.
– Well, how? I was recommended. Oops. Think about this Dima
young, but already the chief – Why did not yet approved, aunt.
– Approve. Lie on your back … lie on your back, – Tucked under her arm,
– Dima! – … legs folded …
– And it’s senior management? – No.
– Well, we’ll become. – We will, Dima!
– Lie on your back … Valentine, you know what? You leave me
all their papers, and I’m all printed,
and everything will be ready in time and for the same price.
Dima! Dima, wires! Anna Efimovna!
Anna Yefimovna done! done! Well, now, Dima
you and the boss. You know
Vadim A. moves, should we call
in housing management. Still going to move, my aunt. You’re an idealist, Dima. Dima! And what do you think your assignment will not interfere,
that you are not member of the Komsomol? I do not know. And maybe you in
YCL should join? You milk the night
Do not forget to drink. 233 144 15. – 44 15.
– 18 754 35. – 754 35.
– Dmitri! Go, please, for me. Heard, Gorin
Appoint the head? Yes, it will go far, plane. No seriously, girls. Next! He has become the Minister of
Finance, you will see. You filled out expense report 27 October
18 000 bearer? Yes. Well, that’s mess up
with interest accrued. Three and a half thousand
transferred to the client. Here’s a look. As it turned out you? You’re so much time
working in the system. I do not know, really. Yes … It is necessary to control
to go, explained. One, two, three, four … One, two, three, four … One, two, three, four … One, two, three, four.
Go on! Welcome
Eugene Gavrilovic. Hello Please. Well? I called back on the phone … Well? Say, the client went into the forest. It was impossible to
to contact them. History … And we want you
head set. Well, that means the case. If you can
pay – go ahead. And if you want
go to the client – take leave without pay, and … good luck. Drobot you know? – What?
– Do you know where Drobot? Drobot? I do not know
around here was. Listen! Drobot you have not seen? Went to the track! What are you talking about!
Come on, show. He was in the morning in the office. – Won Drobot.
– Thank you. – Here it is.
– Hello. Hello Well, here’s an eccentric. But you
call – I would have sent. Before you is impossible to get through. Never mind, it remedied.
Come on. Come on, let’s go to the hostel. I sent the money,
Here’s the receipt. Thank you. Well, zabem? I’m not particularly. Well, we’re not champions.
Come on. That I have to with you gone! Damn! Hi, guys. – Wow. Found?
– I found a place to get stuck. – Do you know where?
– Where? – At the stall.
– Yeah, 2 hours were selected. A little more generally to
got nothing. Straight, not inherited.
There they were, no one took it. Do not take, not take.
Aunt Paula! – Well …
– Aunt Fields – How about the water there?
– There, in the pelvis. Here, man. – What is bought?
– What are you suesh your nose? What do you want you want? – Get your stuff and let’s go.
– Well, then, what are you? Listen, can you
pobreetes in the sink? Dreamer, climb! You all let’s get up,
and fast … Wait, wait, sit down. What are you picks? – Come on, I will wash.
– Go to your bath. – Ah, there now man per day.
– Fu, you are my God. Guys, look here,
just quietly. How? Where do you wear them, then are you? A-ah, the men of the woods. Do not understand
of female beauty. And, in my opinion, great! And, maybe, well. – How do you say, eh?
– Yes, it’s very fashionable. Yes! Have you heard what I said
intelligent man? Well, then all silent. A-ah. I knew that I was buying.
No, no, that’s it. So. Yes, you sit down, play,
I do not know how. No, you sit, you that
reporter, huh? No, just visiting,
Gorin. – A-ah.
– Play. Oh no, not again.
Here’s the thing. – Yes.
– Sit down, play. – So.
– Here. Let us, and they
fast you beat. – Walk. Walk.
– My turn, huh? Please. Hop! Yes! Uh-uh, stop. The End. I said that it is not important. Well, everything has an end.
Let’s Razik. Let’s … – Listen, Drobot!
– Huh? This is your correspondent
moved to the substation. – Well, so what?
– Kill him. In all he needs.
Call him. A. Well, we here teen lit. – Models?
– Yes. Hey, how you …
Correspondent! And, well, let’s here! Well, yes, yes,
here, let’s here! Hurry, hurry! Well, come back. Yes, yes, back to back. – Hey, Zhebov!
– Where are you! – Shock! Go!
– Hey, you! Where are you going, come back! Hey, man, come back!
Back! Where Presch forward? Come here, come here!
Well, what do you … Hey, where? Do not go,
Where are you! Well, that’s you! It should be as carefully
is very dangerous. Alive? – Sort of.
– Yeah. So you …
do not keep on his feet? Points must be used
it was clean! Did you know
I you’ve seen somewhere. Oh, my God.
Consider met. – Let’s get out.
– Come on. Let me help you. Do not be afraid,
I lift 60 pounds. – So, let’s better than I do.
– Yes? Well, okay … Oops. – Well, that …
– Hey, you there! – Alive? Let’s get out.
– Come on, Drobot. Let’s hand. And what you have got to the substation. Catch! Feet in the heat. Thank you. Well, you’ve done and cases.
Now the world will not. Do not you wet? I – waterproof. You are not angry with me? It is for that? During the pit. I’ve already forgotten. – Are you with us for a long time?
– No, I’m leaving tomorrow. A-ah. Oh, and darkness. Is here anyone? – Yes.
– Yes. Damn … – Drobot, is that you?
– No, Kuzma. Sorry, you got me. – Yes, well?
– Seriously. – Hey, Gorin, where are you?
– I am here. Come on, drink. For the prevention of
Doctor gave. – No, I do not drink.
– It’s like a drug. Have a drink, a drink. Drink, drink, warm up. What is sad … Nothing, nothing. – What are you doing?
– Keep your hands in your pockets. Shlopotat! Well, what do you rejoice? – Book finished it?
– Not yet. Take it, read the newspaper. – Sleep is necessary.
– Yes. – I’m impressed.
– What? Friends! Laborers! Drobot, I
you’ll never forget! I’ll tell you about my aunt. You master the cosmos. Oh, who is it, guys? Who am I? I – Financial Worker Bank. – The Bank! Ha-ha!
– Sleep, sleep. But I hate money. – Money – is evil.
– But you throw it. – The money incentive.
– Well, you-what? There is no incentive! – And do not believe him!
– That damned filthy lucre.
I – a servant of the metal. – In provides.
– And that he has stuck to me? Hey, Drobot, how much you poured it? Yes, there is little at all, so much so,
you saw. Sorry. Listen, my friends, can stop
freeze? nothing. I’m staying with you! Here’s what fellow. You are all very nice,
nice people. You are dear to me. – Will you take me to him?
– Make sure we take. – Take me to him.
– Take, take, take the foreman. – Take me to him.
– Take, take. – Come on, come on.
– I’m staying! – Come to bed.
– I’m staying! – Wait.
– I’m happy! – Do not drop, do not drop.
– And what about Aunt? To hell with my aunt! – No, he should sleep.
– Do not sleep! The country expects electricity! Let him go, let him speak! Remember, the writer visited? Also spoke.
Well received. Writers come and go, I’m staying. – Did you see?
– Good! But you still … Well, that’s good.
Sleep, right? Do not touch it. Hold on, hold on,
go, go. – That’s so true.
– Right. True, true, true. Fell! Where are you so dirty, eh? Here, the base went,
all thought it faster. shorter path is selected? Well, okay, okay,
Come on, come on. And you’re leaving already, right? Yes, there is time.
Good luck. So that’s the case. You did just wonder
Gorin. I think I’m not mistaken? – Right. Just do not understand …
– Well, now we do not understand. Handily. And, yesterday
the evening talking, eh? I think I’m drunk
Yesterday extra … Do you think it odd? Well, at least 30 grams of vodka
can kill a bull. So what do you – a desperate man. A colorfully told you yesterday. Remember? Not really. And I kissed her hand? After you yesterday in front of me
stood on his knees. If you knew one thing
strange thing … Enough of you! Well, let’s go! I’m not going to Dashkov.
She said she will not go. Once again she will get in somewhere! With Drobot go! – What do you, to work together?
– From Drobot? However, what? Nothing. Well, pass hi aunt. – Tete?
– Yes, you yesterday about her goaorili. No, no, nothing, nothing,
just send her to hell. – Auntie to hell?
– Yes, yes. What trust you
thereafter. Ay-yay. Hey, Sergey, go! Yes, alcoholism
finished forever. So, after 3 days back home. Well, of course, Aunt
Chew for the 6 days leave without pay, but, on the other hand career was saved! – Are you going to yourself?
– Well, yes. – Take me to him.
– What for? To work. Yes, you know, what do –
I’d be happy, Yes, I have no bank there. – Yes, I’m serious.
– So I’m serious. I come to you, I’m talking to you
quite formally. You know that.
Come home, here is what I have
I say officially. I gave you a favor. Listen, Drobot!
Enough talking, let’s go! Go, I’ll come with Fedor. – Yes? Well, look how you want.
– Come on, come on. Bye. Will you take me? Do you want to
work in my team? Yes. – So it’s not you my aunt.
– Not with my aunt. – Drooling wipe none.
– There is none. A zaplachesh on what day? – Take I will not cry.
– Damn you, damn it. Well, okay, let’s go to the department
Human Resources. I just Tonya Gorelova
gone. Instead, it will be. Look it’s your aunt. – Well, how?
– Fittingly. Not at all, Drobot come from? – Hi, Drobot!
– Hello! Girls, let’s tool. Now! Well, I think you can not wait. Why are you so late? Yes, I had to stay. Here you are. – Come on, where to sign?
– Ah, here. Let’s just faster
and then we still have to go but to go. Okay. Climb into the back
the case will be faster. Hey, what are you with me
to carry this … correspondent? This is now my new brigadnik,
Tony will be in place. – Kidding?
– No, seriously. – So you decided to stay with us?
– Yes, I stayed. – And where is the suitcase you carry?
– Well, how “far”? – Come on, sit down, let’s go.
– Where? As “where”? Home? Well you said the neighbors. Well, right neighbors.
So we still have to go you know what? Sit down, let’s go. Sit down, sit down. – Excuse me.
– Please. – Good-bye.
– Have a nice day. Shchekotov, Shchekotov, Shchekotov it … – And I’ll put you anyway.
– Come on … – Hello, guys.
– Yes, hello. – Hello, Gene!
– I you win. Undress. – Guess who this is?
– Silence. – Correspondent.
– Insurance agent. Sasquatch. What is Bigfoot –
Claudia Shulzhenko. – The Dalai Lama.
– Police. So. This is a new member of our
Brigade, Dmitry Gorin. Please love. Hello Well, many have passed? For example, to 405. Well, sit down dinner, a new
employee teams, Dmitry Gorin. – Thank you, I do not want.
– Why? No appetite. Maybe you have a dream and a bad one? Yes, it is not important. Well, that. Let us
their bodies on the bed? Morning wiser than evening. Look. Striped prisoner
I was forever. Listen. You are, in general, you can lie down in the middle,
although there closely, but warmly. No thanks.
I’m better off with the edge. Well, look. Only the cover. Turn around! Listen, do you really care
there for Gorin. Okay. Cheer, Gorin! Pantelei and what KMC-10? Komsomol-youth
commune of 10 people. – And why the commune?
– We have the same commune. All common. In total purse, half the salary. Get on your feet. Hand under the saw does not slip into. Well. That’s it. Take your hand! Beware! Do not be afraid you, weirdo. It will fall to the right place, and if so will scrape,
then in general the evening fell. PUSH stronger. Thus a clearing
for future power lines. Further involvement Gorin
in this process become dangerous to
other team members and he was transferred to a new,
no less important position. Tossing twigs into the fire – also an art rather subtle,
requires a certain talent. I must say that the fire
burned, Despite all efforts
Dima Gorin and care. Well? Frozen? Well, nothing. My village
lies in the way of our route. That is, if you hold out until the summer –
see Mosihu. And what is “Mosiha”? And it’s long overdue already know. First place in the Urals. Well, that. Here, in Mosihe,
know what kind of quilts
(Mattress and a blanket out of the pen) Lie down and not get up. But the chairman of you
because evoked in Moscow. – Yes, why?
– So he did not go. What could be there. It’s Mosiha,
and not some Argentina. A-ah. Dreams of Mosihu. Pantelei and toilet
you here? There. Indefinitely. Look, do not catch cold. Belodolsk. Seventh cabin. Hello, hello.
Belodolsk? This Belodolsk? This is a taiga? Not taiga? Call me, please
Chief elektrostroitelstva. Yes. That you are. That’s me and you need them. I want to know why You did not let my nephew? Gorin. Dima. I’m his aunt. I’m sure it was you
in the forest is not on their own. Yes we have a family
was not crazy. I’m sure it’s from a woman. He asked her portrait. I ask you to save
my nephew from the influence of this adventurer! Hey, working people! – Hello, guys!
– Hello, hello! – Hi.
– Wow. D-pa. So where Drobot? – Yes, here it is.
– Here I am. Hi!
Ah, a weak team. Thought to come housewarming. – Wow.
– Hi. And here you have a working
very much. – Well, what to do?
– Nothing. We’ll have to help. – Girls!
– And it – please. Quietly, Gorin, quietly. – Complete indifference.
– Who is it? A beginner Gorin. He is with us against women
work in principle. But what he can, and right as well? So in fact you can and forget that you – the best
half of humanity. Personally, I’m not going to forget. She always remembers. And you, Menshikov, we have
a happy exception. You work on a physical advantage. You become of it all
graceful, elegant and graceful. Okay, okay,
what are you doing, Oleg … – Hello.
– Hello, fellow Gorin. – Hello.
– Hello. We sit, smoke,
and the work worth it? – Give me the ax.
– What do you mean? Guests arrived. To take necessary? In general, we smoke together,
I do not know. Well, yes, we will take the guests,
and winter, then here it is. Nothing morally grown man. As with the bosses in the pit fell once all proud, glorified. How Herostratus. Stop it. Have you already managed to tell the whole story? Listen …
Listen, comrade Gorin. Are you offended? Why girls are joking. Well, you understand. Taiga because she, you know,
tempers, not ennobling. That I just noticed. So you’re still offended? Well, really. Two people
fell into the pit – funny? Nothing funny. Imagine. All this is sad. So you’re still offended? No, I’m not offended. I’m just surprised. Gal, let’s go!
Enough to explain! OK, enough of you! Go ahead, you are called. It turns out that we are
parted? But what could I add? – Look.
– Oh, wait. Go. Well … – Have a nice day.
Good luck. Oh, the foreman. And well you
talk to him. – He caressed you, caress.
– Good-bye, girls. – Good-bye!
-Come join us for New Year. – Good-bye!
– On New Year’s come. Give me, I’ll go with a sofa bed! Gosh, you know! What are you doing? Pantelei, you have a tool? Yes, please. Thank you. What are you doing? Yes, here, put the lock. Castle? What did he say? Castle. – Thank you.
– Please. Got it? Come on. Would you, a friend left their drawings. That we then have you not stolen. Thus, the indomitable winds of change shake out of Gorin
remnants of memories Working with tsmframi, dear to his heart to the calculator. Well, Gorin.
Think of something. And now – back home. – I like you, Shur, let’s bigger.
– Most major. – So, let me face.
– On. Well, now, now Gorin
can sleep peacefully. Exactly. That’s right. Here’s how it was. – Who else?
– Me, Alex. Mitya, undressed,
wash – will become easier. Perhaps, undress him. And, well, stand up! Wash and eat. Mitya, Arise, Arise,
no need arise. Get paid, please. Thank you. There. Here. Check. Guys, guys.
Look what he’s doing, guys. This is the method. – And, come on my own.
– Well, what then? Wow! One thousand two hundred. – Gorin, thou art a man!
– Silenus. Thinks, believes. – You post.
– Come on. Please. Gorin! You dispatch. – Yes.
– Printed. – No, I dance.
– I do not dance. – Dance, Dance.
– So it should be. Dance well. La-la, la la, la la la … Well, okay, give him
let him go. – Minister of Finance.
– Not less. You would have us
in Mosihu and accountant. Well, what is there written. – Yes, here are surprised that I stayed.
– We are also surprised. Guys … – Guys!
– Well, what have you got? In Panteley son was born! – What do you mean?
– Guys! – Panteley!
– Quiet! Well, you cut down wood. Pantelei. Quietly.
There. Got it? There. This I tell you – here!
Got it? Let’s utility. Tone on dowry.
Pasha was, and now – Dad. Enough, enough you
Ask man .. – Wait.
– Guys, let me congratulate you! Pantelei home, congratulations! – Good.
– He has no words. – Yes, everything is clear, tell me?
– Exactly. Congratulations. Mitya, do not you? We are here … Panteley on diapers … What did I? Too must? Debtors with us … no. – I thought I did not know Tonya …
– Let’s have dinner. Pavel, let your bowl. A Panteley eats
as if nothing had happened. And why did he not,
he celebrating a birthday today. – That’s right, eat, eat, Dad.
– Bread pass. – Panteley, and how much weight?
– It’s not written. Imagine, the most
chief did not write. Well, what growth? – Growth?
– No increase in length. – Dimension.
– Length. Growth. Give bread. Take it, do not. Pantelei, but as you
call your son? Just do not Sofron. Well, nothing, incidentally, not Sofron,
because Sofron – a good name. No, why not, right. Pantelei, let’s pour another. – You are now a dad.
– Gene, and tomorrow we do something? Tomorrow? Tomorrow, all on the formwork. Nina and Gorin will be used to heating. Huh? – The heater going.
– A soup, like, nothing. – Who is prepared?
– Hey, you again took the bread? Legal … Buran. Gorin lucky. It was a great event
to show their best side. We had Buran happen! I’m afraid that wood is not enough. Keep the flame evenly,
but not too much, okay? – After 3 hours, woke me up.
– Good! And, just in case
prepare the wood, right? Go, go, Nina, do not worry. Warm concrete to
He did not freezing, and turned in a solid
foundation for future supports – it is extremely important. Gorin was determined to adequately
perform work assigned to him. He was ready, if necessary, concrete warm your body. Dima only regret that
this heroic moment it does not see Gal. And he saw her. However, already in his sleep. What are you doing. Come on, now! Fire is out! Now, now … Baby! Intellectual miserable!
Concrete hardens! Ugh! Now, now … Ah! Oops! Oops … Uh, same age, eh? Guys! Guys! – Guys!
– What? Guys, look. Do not, do not. Does it hurt? And how did this happen? Accident. – Why do we have this treasure?
– All work has spoiled? – Well, hang it, or what?
– You laugh, but just try to change everything. – Tomorrow will try!
– All right for you. – What are attacked by a man?
– You too, shut up! During the marriage, he will pay eh?
Salary obtain a little. – And what is he here?
– I do not know. Get dressed, you’ll go to the hospital. – Yes, I’m not going anywhere!
– Will you go, you go. Smoke? Hey, maybe you better go? Well, what are you going to suffer? – I can not.
– Why? I love Galya. Scarf started,
I have socks cleaner. Well, yes, cleaner, say. Okay, let’s go. Oh, you ugorazdilo.
Come on, come on. No, no, no forest. All of you
Nina in the order, the bone is intact … – It does not all the same.
– We ask that you as a person. – It’s your team?
– Yes. – And here?
– Well. You have two years were not
on the medical board. Your team to track
do not pull it off. That will pass a medical examination
then and go to Nina. – Yes, but, Doctor …
– Complete Survey! – Come on!
– Why all? – I blame myself and expose!
– Okay. I submit to force,
but I protest! Very good! Breathe. Deeper breathing. Open your mouth. The temperature is? – A-ah …
– What? I do not know, I’m not Meryl ever. – Say “Ah-ah-ah!”
– A-ah. – A-ah …
– A-ah. Legs. See here. So. – What are complaining about?
– Why should I complain? Than hurt a child? Measles, then, is … diarrhea. Diarrhea. – Do you smoke?
– What? Smoke. – You drink?
– Sometimes. – Chicken, and she is drinking.
– Why the chicken? Lie down. – What?
– Lie down. Feet. – Does it hurt?
– No. – Does it hurt?
– No, it’s so funny. I have that disease which? Turn around. Denser. Breathe. Breathe. Hold your breath. Attention. You have a mole this long? – Mole?
– Yes. Yes, I do not remember. – What is it?
– It is you is not growing? – Do not know. Why?
– No, nothing. Where is my razor? – Where is my razor?
– How do I know? Where is my razor? Where is my razor? – They’re coming!
– Where is my razor?! – They’re coming, guys, go!
– Get out of you with his razor. – A hat, cap.
– Where is my razor? – Oh.
– Oh, hi! Wow! – Oh, what a Christmas tree! My mother!
– Why did you wait so long? So, were going.
We are not just for New Year. – And we are the bride.
– Again? What the bride? Silent. The foreman did not allow it. This nerve has recently become
time, just awful. Wow! You have to fall back upon? Taiga tempers. Please to the table. – Look, sausage got.
– Big deal, sausage. Dear friends! Events this year were many. First, the plan
construction completed, – Secondly, Paul first shave.
– Exactly! And third,
at Pantelei son. – Panteley, congratulations.
– Well, first, second, third … – What?
– What, Why, Why? He says it is too
heavy load on a piece of toast. And finally, our team
replenished with a new man, Gorin. – Everyone knows Gorin?
– Let’s biography will tell. I’ll give a brief description. Met him when he
was on top of financial career. The generosity of fellow Gorin
knew no bounds. Without blinking, he counted
me a huge amount however, public money. Then he came for them here, and here, stay here with us. What was the basis of this decision? Well, this question
has not been studied. Although there are several versions. – First …
– Okay, guys. – Enough. How much can you?
– Indeed. Excuse me, but why is it
you so excited? Yes, why? No. Well, just have the old year
conduct. He’s already ended. Well, well. Let’s
hold the old year, that brought us all
a lot of good. Would have long since. Put yourself salad. – Pour.
Oh, you are! Do not put him more than 15 grams,
it will destroy the entire house. – Pam-pam-pam …
– With the new happiness! – Pantelei your daughter in the new year.
– The first toast … – And you what?
– Guys! The first toast of this year I suggest for … for to meet more often … – All of us.
– And the individual! Thank you. Only occur
we do not have to. Tomorrow we are going
500 km. – Seriously?
– Yes. Well. Meet me
summer on the river Sura. Now we are meeting
as a farewell. Well … excuse me, but …
construction immediately. There is also construction. No, I do not understand
why you? Well, what can you do. We move
towards each other. Guys! I propose a toast to the meeting
Sur River in the summer. – Right!
– Right! And it snows and snows, And all around waiting for something. Under the snow, under the quiet snow I want to say at all. My most important person Look me in the snow, – Read all of what the silent …
– Let’s dance. – Yes, I actually …
– Come on. Come on. Who I love my brought … Here, we finish the construction, thousand three nakuplyu gifts and stated in an orphanage where he grew up. – Tell me?
– And that. – Oh, great.
– Why guys are having fun, you know how! A director of tears. You also rasplacheshsya? – Well, I glow, that’s for sure.
– Come on. And it snows and snows, And shimmers and floats. No, Pan, he’s great on you
similar. Here, look. – However, Drobot?
– I have not seen it yet. I want to go, and all
somehow does not work. That would be it for the summer here, huh?
With a guy together. We track only the number of July 20
come to Mosihe. But, since you then the whole crew
come to us. Will treat their best, so … We’ll see. And it snows and snows, And shimmers and floats. For that you in my life, Thank you for the snow, you. Girls!
Let’s exchange photos. The whole team gives you
their images on memory. In the clinic we do a service. Here it’s Panteley.
Choice rib cage. Here it’s Ikram –
darker than night. So? Davlet – single lumen.
Paul. Oops! What a cute! – Well, I give.
– Thank you. It’s not mine, but still I give. Nina, you look … Gennady Drobot –
no dark spot in his heart. Nellie, but it’s here I am. Just look at what your spine. – Come on.
– See? And then, my heart is free.
Pay attention. – Come on, come on.
– Oh, what a skinny! Some of the bones. So were the bones,
and the meat will grow. Look … And this – from me. Oo-oo-oo-oo! Thank you. Perhaps you donate to me too? So I was not in the clinic. Oh, that … Gal …
Guys. Oops!
What you are beautiful. Hey, Gal,
this is where so photographed? – Hooray!
– Hold it, hold it! Dima! Oops. They say if you want to conceive, while falling star, it will come true. In winter, the stars do not fall. Do not fall. And over there – flying. And I do not see anything.
No stars, no nothing. Oops. Points lost.
You’re interesting. And I am you, you see? I see. So here is better.
Closer – better. I see everything. The eyes, eyebrows. Freckles, out, see. Lips. And I do not see the stars perfectly. Okay, let’s go. Well, give me your hand. Why, indeed? Do you think I’ll get up I can not? You think I’m blind, right? You know, I like you
well now I see? – What is it? What is it? What is it?
– Very good I see. – Gorin!
– Gal! – Where are you? Ay!
– Ay! -Come on, come on, come on.
– More, went, went, gone. – Gene.
– Huh? – You to the phone.
– Ida. Smoke break, guys. – Yeah.
– Okay. Water, guys.
Things are bad smells. Gasoline here is so much
and diesel fuel does not. – Come on, let’s see.
– Come on. – What, Vanya, I’m hungry, huh? – Yes well you.
– Easy, Vanya. In general, Mitya, you are often there
gain of 100,000? Not that much … – … Sometimes.
– Y-yes. And you would, for example, to have done
if would have won 100 000? Cologne bought. Filled with eau de cologne
machine for watering. Poured to the taiga. Not a single mosquito would not exist. Do you know how to do
real barbecue? Well? – Take a young ram …
– Yes, well. – Cheburek ever eaten?
– Ed. That is – yes! A kharcho in Moscow at the exhibition? – Well, well?
– Good? Tried? Is it tasty? Probably. – Nothing.
– Tasty. – Well, more like.
– Sure. Ah, would dine now. – Oh, do not say, Vanya, do not tell.
– It is. The car with the fuel
and food got stuck. – Taegu flooded.
– Well, so what? They say, throwing
two weeks later. Yes. Guys. May fuel a woman’s
team take? Share. Huh? In general, they
there is fuel. Gene, and he says it. Hard to say what drove more
Gorin in this expedition. Position or team … upcoming meeting
Galya. Hard to say. In any case, he launched
the road with a genuine enthusiasm. Damn.
Rift. Will pass as well? Well, well, we dare. Well, then. All pipe. Before the “Birches” five kilometers
have to go for fuel. Well, I went. If the evening did not come back,
campfire. Well, of course, gasoline must
had to end just in time as to the women’s camp
is close. Hopes were not for that. Is that on the powers of heaven. What the hell? Where’s the car? Here it was. Yes, there it is. My mother! – Rather go.
– Tired already. Let’s hand. – Get in quick.
– Give a hand. Take it girls,
dragged. Oh, I can not. – Your a worry.
– Che? Thy say worried. First of all, it’s not mine. And, secondly,
What he worried? Yes, I do not see anything.
What’s up? Now ditch fall,
I’m telling you. Wow. … helicopter there
raised this car … Oh, Lena! Well, as the potatoes ready? Yes, you, crazy? What is it? – Get up.
– What? – Girls, what is it?
– Hold him! Well, fool, I’m joking. He will kill – crazy. Hold it, uh, brothers.
Kill the same, kill! – Mitya! Mitya!
– What! Come on, well. Well, I was joking. What are you? Well, what are you? What do you mean? Well, go, go you. Enough of you, calm down, sit down. Yes, you sit down. Once there sit for a long time.
Let’s fuel and products. – Then what?
– Water. Girls. Listen, Nel, give the guys
concentrate human is there? – Cereals, corned beef.
– Pasta. Hey, he enraged a human?
Casts at all. Maybe feed him – cool? – Ask him.
– You can, right? Girls, let’s collect more
something guys. Mit, can, eat what? Overeat once here,
where people are dying. Who’s dying for? Well, do not die, but wait, hungry. Die, I mean. Stand.
Then what? – Pork meat, preserved.
– How much? – Ten banks.
– Carry. Why do you want it? Receipt writing. – Yes, what about you?
– So it is necessary. – Here that?
– Pasta. – How much?
– Eight packs. – What receipt?
– What if the audit is completed. – What is audit?
– I know what it is. – Krupa.
– How much? – Nearly six.
– Exactly. Six hundred and fifty. How many live here, about any
audit had never heard. That’s what she and audit
that it has not been heard. How much will it concentrate? Thirty-packs. Maybe it thinks you will go, eh? In fact, it would be necessary. Well, believe it. Take and save a report. I’m in front of anyone
not going to report. I look at you and wonder. And what have I done? The fact of the matter is that nothing … did not. And it would be necessary. What should I do? This may suggest
only the pride of the girl. A-ah. You decided to stand up for my honor? I thought he hurt me. I will not be hurt if
I myself do not want to. Maybe we’ll go? – Hey, wait a minute.
– Sofron, wait. – Take it, without giving a receipt.
– Thank you, thank you. – Just calm.
– Do not worry, I’ll take. Waste! Gene, can I raise? Come on. Ready! Action! Come on! Hey, John, of something
do not see your village? Or maybe it was not here at all. What are you, my friends,
here it is, next, for elnichkom. You’ll see. Ah, a beautiful place! Here, quickly finish up the work but there, too, the final case,
Russian bath prepared. – Here, take a steam bath.
– Well, mushrooms and there, of course, in bulk. Everything.
All right. – And the ravioli, and shangi, and bad.
– Well, it’s a fact, everything. – It Mosiha – but not any …
– Argentina. Argentina. – Chairman of the Moscow called.
– Chairman of the Moscow wanted to take. – And he did not go.
– And he – in any. And what he do there? Accommodated, of course,
the cottages. That’s right. Home, of course.
What is it? Do you know how we do it,
in Mosihe? – Well?
– Come on. There you boil, and poured postelyut. And, you know, we have to Mosihe? Frankly, heard. – You lie …
– And do not get up. And do not get up, yes. – Give me a cigarette.
– Brigadier! – Look, there devchka.
– Ivan, not to you right? Now! Now. Higher, firmer,
Come on, tightened. Okay, okay. Where are you?
not from Mosihi? Yes. You must be a Moskalev? No. I am a foreman. The telegram was sent to you
read over the phone. – Drobot.
– Come on, I Drobot. – Ivan And where?
– He’s coming. Ah, the hell. We do not have to live in Mosihe. And you were waiting for us. expected. Mosiha canceled.
Here’s how the story. I hear you beautifully. No. We only have 17 homes. – And where we wanted to place?
– And in the hayloft. Asya, you see me?
My mother sent? No. That’s what. Submitted
telegram from his superiors. In connection with the new order,
go team Cedar hills in the area. Await the arrival of the authorities.
Winds. So what? Well, no need to
Mosihu forget. How is it? We shook with all his might,
worked seven days a week and now, hello? Okay. No, that will not do. What, what sort could be run? Going – and forward. We are people too. If the team does not go,
I’ll go anyway. Well, come on. – Enough, I’m not an ass.
– Not an ass. Go. – I’ll go quite that clear?
– It is clear at all. Asya! Wait me! My salary can
translate into Mosihu. Got it? Themselves can live with the bears. And with me – enough! – Vanya, you’re a long time?
– For good. Maybe in six months. B-but, n-but. B-but, n-but. Ah, well, wait. Oh, the bosses flew. The authorities never
do not just arrive. Hence, the change of the route –
problem solved, it will pass, bypassing Mosihu. So, time squeezed, but then encounters a helicopter
team already out of 9 people. – Drobot
– Hi. – Hello.
– Hello. And what are your friends
not come to us? And that my friends?
I’m all by itself. And that’s true. However, note that our team –
the best in the entire construction site. A foreman who else? Drobot. The former officer. Not someone – a lieutenant colonel.
Retired – and to us. Do you know what kind of people to us
come to the team? Here, there is such we Gorin. Who you think? Financier. Got it? He lived, you know,
in the city, worked in a bank, Where’s the money. Well, there was a summer residence,
car. Comes to us,
asks a private in the brigade. – Jasna situation?
– Not just a means to get you. And how.
Understand the need. The line of national importance. A huge responsibility. And you’re gone from the team,
Vanya? Sick? And who said I
resigned from the team? I’m just the sort of thing on holiday.
Here, my mother beside him. ‘ll Stay a week and … back. – A week?
– What? One can not help me. We have time. So, you come back?
That’s good. I have one request
to see you there. Come on, Peter Ilich, I always … We would have on your line
otrostochek take on the farm. Wire, we find it.
I need a little energy. Well, what I need: to connect
barn, farm, and, Vanya? Ah, that would be for Moskalev
countrymen did not! However, it is difficult, of course.
But, I’ll talk. Drobot, I listen. – Lots of energy, I really can not promise.
– No, we do not ask for much. Well, it goes without saying. We will discuss Let us estimate, but how. It is for this – thanks! Well, we wish you a good rest. Come on, woman.
A man must sleep. Divided by three. We expand the section on the posts
and collect them at once? – Time savings.
– Well, that’s okay. Here, a new clearing hack. Why do we re-route? It is an enormous amount of money! Well, there are mistakes.
Since you do not happen? Sam arrived here by mistake. This is – a private affair. And here – cars, transportation, salary. Well, then, nothing
work? To think correctly. Well, in the general case. 30 days before we’ve finished –
Minister of Finance – to save. – According to our correspondent …
– Guys, be quiet! in the construction of power grid
inflames race. Builders Line Siberian-Ural
take higher responsibilities. Komsomol brigade
Drobot and Birches made a commitment to deliver
their sites in operation a month ahead of schedule. – Birch listening.
– Galina! That’s me. Hello. Now, because of Moscow Radio
about us talking, you hear? She heard someone say? Levitan. – What Levitan?
– Levitan – announcer. Announcer. – Who says?
– Yes it’s me, Gorin. Mitya Gorin. Mitya? – Hello.
– Hello, Galya. To us today
authorities were coming. We plan to month
before implementing it. What? Speak louder. I can not louder.
We all sleep. When shall we meet? All right. Mitya! It’s good that you called. – Good night.
– Good night. Guys! Siberian meal arrived! And, come on, give me,
I’ll take care of now. Distribute. Well, all right?
– Wow! – Good for you, Vanya!
– Honey! – Well, I told you!
– Oh, how delicious! Hey guys! Come to work!
Get off to dinner! What am I, a clown, wander hither and thither!
Come on up! – Do you mind?
– What meeting? What meeting? Draw
at a high level. Catch! Nina, come on! – Vanya, hold on.
– Okay. Give me. Ah, well, take this. Mit, will file. Davlet. Guys! On the agenda
one question. Membership in the Komsomol friend
Gorin, Dmitry Grigorievich. You sit down, Gorin. Any questions? – I have one question.
– Come on. Deviations were? What deviations? Well, there, a criminal record,
and so on. Was not. But, tell me,
Dmitry Gorin why did you earlier
not joined the Young Communist League? – Life.
– What? That is, I think, years younger, and here – a public burden. Why should I? And now? Galina? Why the baby? Paul! Who’s there? Tonya! Guys, Tonya has arrived!
Pantelei! Tonya has arrived!
Tonya! Child was taken! Tonya has arrived! Wow! Pantelei! – Wow, what a little!
– Wait. Wow. Pantelei, it’s so big,
and you’re so small. – Yes, okay.
– How do you little, uh! Wow, montazhnichek! Oh, you little. – Oh, hm-hm, hm-hm.
– Do not. Guys! Guys! We step
step, oh, step That taiga Siberian
And then the virgin edge. Do not give up!
Come on in time, And just so, and the only way
and the only way. Life is so,
so, oh, such And the earth and sky
Name for himself, flashing. In the heavens and the steppes Do not depart, in no indentation. Calls us working age, Do not fear anything in the world. We live in an age that well, Just great! Life is so, so, oh, such And the earth and sky
name for himself, flashing. In the heavens and the steppes Do not depart, in no indentation. Who’s that behind? It’s a shame the guy to be the laggards! Who is it tired? Early, the guy to be tired! We step, step, oh, step That taiga Siberian And then the unknown edge. In the heavens and the steppes Do not depart, in no indentation. Life is so, so, oh, such And the earth and sky
name for himself, flashing. In the heavens and the steppes Do not depart, in no indentation. It would be interesting to hear
what they were saying? However, this is not our business. We only wish them luck and, as the saying goes, success
in their work and personal life. Well, for work,
then there may still be changes. Perhaps
Our hero will be back to its financial performance and will become ever
Minister of Finance, Who knows? As for privacy, what we believe this time forever.

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