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Do Women have to choose between their career and home life?

Hi everybody, this is Simran here. I hope
you are well. First of all, thank you so much for all the support you showed towards my
first video. It really encouraged me to go ahead and record the second one and get out
of my comfort zone again. So for today, I actually have a question. As a woman, is it
possible to have it all? Is it possible to have a great career and have a great home
life as well where you are raising children. Or do you have to pick one? The reason why
I ask that is because I was watching an interview of a lady who I really look up-to, she has
had a successful career but when she decided to have children she left her career. There’s
nothing wrong with that, that was her choice. However, the statement that she made was ‘You
cannot have it all’ you either pick your career or you pick your home life or otherwise you
are going to mess both of them up. I was really disappointed in that statement, I totally
disagree with what she said but I was also disappointed because I know lots of women
around the world are watching her and they may actually start believing her statement
and I think it was just her opinion. What’s your thoughts on that? I believe you can excel
at both providing that you balance both of those areas in the right way, giving each
of those areas the right time they require but also asking for support in both of those
areas. Family , friends but from a professional perspective asking for what you need at work.
You might need flexibility, you might need days you can work from home from your employer.
Be confident in that approach, you know what you have to offer, you know what you bring
to the table. Your experience, your skills and everything else that makes you YOU. So
be confident in asking for that flexibility and not feeling like the whole burden of this
juggling act is on your shoulders. If you were just doing one, if you were working inside
of the home and you didn’t have a career and you were raising children, that’s not to say
that you won’t make any mistakes and vice versa if you had a career but you are not
raising any children that’s not to say that you are not going to make any mistakes in
your job. Of course you are, I mean we all make mistakes, we learn from them and that’s
what makes us US. That’s what makes us special individuals. So, I would love to know your
thoughts on this, maybe some tips that you have got on how to make this juggling act
a little easier and something that you might have experienced personally as well. Please
share your thoughts, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, have a good day !

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