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Do You Need A Degree for a Federal Job?

Hi, I’m Karlos with the Office of Personnel
Management. Let’s talk about whether you need to have a degree to get a Federal job. All
Federal jobs DO have qualification requirements, but most DON’T require a college degree.
Generally, you can qualify based on your experience, your education, or a combination of the two.
Some jobs, such as engineers, accountants, chemists, and social workers, DO require a
specific degree or coursework. For example, if you’re looking for an accountant position,
you will need a degree AND/OR have completed 24 semester hours of specific coursework.
When you find a job that interests you on, carefully read the “Qualifications”
section of the job opportunity announcement. This section will include the knowledge, skills,
abilities, competencies and any experience required to qualify for the job. It will also
include whether any education is required, and if you can substitute education for the
experience. Remember, read the entire announcement, and pay close attention to the qualification
requirements. If you think you meet the requirements and
decide to apply, make sure you clearly state in your resume HOW you meet the requirements.
In summary, many Federal jobs require a specific degree, but most do not. Visit us at
and select the YouTube icon for more information to help you find and apply for a Federal job.
Thank you for listening and I wish you a successful job search!

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