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Does Marriage Hurt Your Clinical Research Career?

Wow this might be my most controversial
video yet stay tuned after the intro hey guys Serg here today we’re gonna be
talking about does marriage hurt or help your career now this might be very
controversial because a lot of people want to get married a lot of people are
married or marriage is typically viewed as a good thing in today’s world and
society and that could that has been changed over the past few years so to
give you guys a quick history on marriage back in the day when people
were applying for jobs especially men back in the 60s 50s 40s for all you
young bucks out there employers would ask if people were married before giving
them a job because they’d want to know that they were quote-unquote
stable that they had the ability to be stable and they’re not gonna be you know
trying to get into the company and jump around or anything like that it was just
used as a barometer that was one of the things that they would look at to see
how stable a person was and of course the culture back then was everyone got
married you got married young you got married early soon came the kids after
you were married and that was that but now ever since the 90s the 2000s more
more people have been getting divorced marriage has come under more of a
microscope on whether it’s good whether it’s for everybody whether it’s okay to
be married or stay single all of your life or you know any any type of
variation of that so without further ado does marriage hurt or help your career
and this is one with a lot of nuance but I think overall it’s probably a draw
with a slight edge to it hurting your career now there are two main things
that most people that can hurt somebody or help somebody in a mayor
the main thing that can hurt you is decreasing your ability to network so a
lot of people in my experience though this is my experience and and this
question came with someone who emailed us about this and in my experience a lot
of married people do not want to participate in the networking events so
a lot of you guys know on this channel we talk about all the time about
networking networking networking is the most important thing you can do to
advance your career number one and a lot of people that are married or get
married cut back on the networking component so whether it’s a team dinner
they don’t go whether it’s you know unless they have to go whether it’s you
know a Christmas party whether it’s you know just going out with the team you
know randomly during throughout the week or whatever it may be typically people
that are married maybe have kids can’t do that for whatever reason or don’t
feel like doing it for whatever reason and that’s a huge detriment so if if
that’s the case then absolutely it’s gonna hurt your career if if you have to
go home to be with your with your significant other right after work you
can’t stay late you know you can’t put in the extra work particularly on the
networking side of things it’s gonna be a huge detriment and that’s a huge
mistake so absolutely that can hurt your career if you’re married also another
thing that where it can hurt your careers if it’s stressful if you’re in a
stressful marriage a stressful relationship and you’re constantly
bringing that stress into the workplace and you know you’re you’re just snappy
you’re not you’re not being a team player for whatever reason and if things
aren’t just going well because of the stress you have at home because of your
marriage well then that’s not gonna help your career either that that’s just bad
that’s very bad and it’s not gonna help in any way
those are some scenarios where marriage can hurt your career and you know it’s
no longer used as a barometer of stability because the job market has
changed significantly people change jobs all the time no longer do you just get
in at a company and stay there for your entire career thirty years
and then you retire no longer is that the case most people now are gonna have
work for multiple different companies probably even try to start their own etc
and you know that’s just what it is now so but one of the things that marriage
can definitely help with is you know having someone therapeutically to talk
to about the stuff going on at work who isn’t gonna be biased you know some of
the more therapeutic benefits of it you know the ability to you know if you have
kids having another person to help raise kids with you and take some of that
burden off you also give you the ability to work late also give you the ability
you know if to take care of the kids if if you need to go to a networking event
or whatever reason a lot of people who are married tend not to want to do well
there’s a couple reasons why but they tend not to want to do the jobs without
require a lot of travel and those jobs have come with a lot of perks those
travel jobs especially in clinical research see Ras a lot of people don’t
want to be CRA quote-unquote don’t want to be CRA and I use that in quotes
because a a lot of people do want to become CRA s but they feel like they
can’t because they’re married or because they have a family or whatever reason
and it’s a grueling travel schedule so you know that can definitely mess up
your money because CRA s do make good money and you know other jobs with
similar experience level make significantly less money and they have
significantly less perks then CRA typically do and if you feel like you
can’t do it because of your significant other for whatever reason and you know
it’s your career that’s that’s that loss that you it’s you’re losing in that
situation not then so you know the things like that where you pick a job
because of what your significant other says where you pick you make career
moves based on your significant other says and I’m not saying that’s good or
bad by the way I mean that’s that’s the point of the marriage for you guys to
make decisions together but I am saying that sometimes people make decisions
that are in the best interest of their career
because they are married or because they have a family you know now saying that’s
good or bad but that’s just facts so from from one point of view it could
definitely hurt your career but from another point of view it could it could
be viewed as you know you’re not taking that job where you can be working a
bunch of overtime and traveling all the time is better for your family because
you’ll be there and you’ll be there more you’ll be present more you’ll be less
stressed even though you’ll be making less money and may not get promotions as
fast it’s better for your family so sometimes it can seem like one or the
other and people make their choice based on that but you know sometimes it can it
can really hurt you hurt your career I’ve seen people make these decisions
all the time you know they don’t come to the meetings with executive the
executive team and executive leadership because you know they don’t feel like
leaving their wife at home or something like that
or if there’s a dinner or something and you can’t bring other people they’re
like well my wife is at home she has nothing to do and they have to go home
and miss out on that huge huge networking opportunity so these things
matter it’s definitely something to think about as you are advancing in your
career if you’re ready for that in your personal life because it does play a
part it plays a major part in your career and I think if you want to be as
lean and as mean as possible you should probably put it off a little bit and
have the ability to just be lean in me because as soon as you get married
you’re not gonna be as mobile as you want were when you were single you’re
not gonna be able to you know move across the country for a job if you want
to or you know move up and down the coast if you want to or take that
traveling job that’s really good has really great pay really good perks and
is in very very high demand like CRA if you’re married and have a family and
stuff so it’s definitely one to think about
they’re awesome there are some pros to being married like I said about the
stress thing and having someone there to help you out and you know talk to
therapeutic with and things of that nature but there are definitely some
cons that people that definitely hurt people and it’s definitely something you
want to think about but got this question in in our email so if you have
any other question do you want to ask and just get my take on you can email us
at elite clinical group at pretty good question thank you guys for
asking it you can also leave questions down below and we’ll do our best to
answer them either with a video or we will you know just respond in the
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