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Durango Wild Lands – Best Build For Builder (High Attack STR)

OK, Welcome to Hioz Gaming and now i will i will share Best Build for Builder we know Builder have High STR so we will discuss Strength here How to High STR?? and here is Chef HeroyiaZ OK, Say Hello Chef OK here Chef HeroyiaZ and he will give Great Buff For STR because food give great stats for character OK first Check Character, no food buff No buff STR and see here character, STR 411 and this not max stats, we can up more STR and next to build high STR is depends your Title here u can see some title Melee title and also Bow Theory and Builder Title because i basicly a Builder ok you can see my title and for get some title we can do here, Skill – Career Guide and First, do Freshman i study this title and second, Sophomore i study Builder Title integrated combat long distance is from archer title one handed & two handed is from melee and next, Junior and in Junior, i much study in junior title why? because in Junior title Give more STR compared another title ok let see, there are Junior title this is builder title, and it too and sword theory and here i study melee and bow except crossbow because SP SP, Skill Point limitation so, SP in Crossbow i use for Sophomore Title Sophomore title and finaly we get 411 STR we can up more because Melee not yet max, and archer too and let check my title let see the title efect ok from here and next, two ha nded End=Max HP, give more health endurance ok long distance next this builder title focus defense and this is important title because give high Max HP and with this title we can be able have 1.8k Max HP yeah this is important title and this is builder title sword theory give STR, of course Blunt Weapon Axe Theory Bow Theory and last Housing, yes builder title ok, why we up STR? yeah, because builder basicly have high STR because because builder title builder title more give high STR so, if we have many STR we can get more high STR different with another like a tailor or weapon crafter there different Builder go to STR and another job to another stats ok next, and here we have 411 STR and we will try eat eat great food from chef HeroyiaZ ok ok we ask hery Chef : ok Ready *joy* take it let see first this food STR 189 let try how much STR we will get previous, we have 411 STR and we got 600 STR and this not max stats because melee not max melee and archer not max, we can up more ok next equipment for builder for STR Character and this this is for war outpost this is not high end equipment u can follow this equip, but not high end equipment ok here, is eva debuff, its okay because we only need def for STR ok outfit ok in fact i use equop leather normal euop leather not branchio leather because this, evasion not important for me,, because this character is pure STR ok this hood same, use euop leather too eva debuff and if we use euop leather, we will get more durability than branchio leather equop give good durability than branchio ok next bow and here is STR buff, this is important for build STR Decor Ivory this old bow, need repair builder focus to high attack do not focus to another stats like lethal, durability, accuracy there ara only for sub stats for main stats is attack because STR give attack and def penetrate ok i hope this video is helpfull thankssss Bonus

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