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eHarmony Looking to Matchmake in Jobs Market

(Image source: Slashgear) BY LOGAN TITTLE eHramony has been matchmaking for more than
a decade — but now it’s looking to expand that service into the office. The company has redesigned its entire site
to be geared toward being a “relationship company” — not just for dating, but also
for finding a job. “The company plans to launch a job-seeking
site to put prospective employers and workers together. The site would work similar to the
way eHarmony currently works with both parties filling out what they’re looking for.”
(via WRC-TV) Neil Clark Warren, the founder of eHarmony,
told Bloomberg the company has recognized not all you need is love — in fact many
factors outside of compatibility can determine how well a marriage works. “You can’t have a great marriage if you have
one person who is terribly unhappy because … they have a job they don’t like. We want
to try to help people get employed in ways that are really masterful for them.” And this match made in heaven — or wherever
— might be a bit of a challenge. Warren told the Los Angeles Times he came
out of retirement to become chief executive and put the company back on a steady path
as it had reportedly been struggling with increased competition. That competition is
still visible in the job-seeking market. Job boards like Dice and professional social
networks such as LinkedIn have been in the market for quite some time and gained plenty
of users. A study by consulting firm CareerXroads showed
job sites like Monster and Career Builder that have been criticized for being outdated
still accounted for about 18 percent of external hires last year. But The Washington Post spoke with eHarmony’s
vice president of customer experience who points out one aspect of job seeking that
the site could capitalize on: highlighting the more personal, emotional qualities that
are hard to identify through a resume. “For instance, if you want to know how much
a job candidate values work-life balance, the candidate is likely to give you the answer
‘in the way they think you want them to answer it. It’s such an artificial and weird interaction.'” The company said it plans to launch the new
service sometime next year. As for specific criteria — it has 29 dimensions for matchmaking
in marriage and says it wouldn’t be surprised if there were more for a worker relationship.

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