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Electrician Career Information : Electrician Pros & Cons

My names Walt Cannon and I’ve been an electrician
for 32 years, owner-operator of Cannon Electric. The question has been asked what are the pros
and cons of being an electrician. The pros for being an electrician would be if you like
to be outside or on a different job everyday or multiple days. You’re never in the same
situation, it’s always a different task or job weather it be inside outside, in an attic,
under the house, in multiple situations. High rise buildings, nuclear plants, extremely
fun situation to not have the same monotony of working in a cubical, you do definitely
have to be an outside type person because there’s multiple times where you will be outside,
multiple weather conditions. And the cons are with the amount of time which to be an
electrician in your own right to make your own business would take you ten years and
you would never, you would be facilitated to be crawling in attics or under homes, very
hot conditions at times, very muddy conditions at times, very cold conditions at times. You
could be a doctor or a lawyer so to speak in the same amount of time and make twice
the money. That would be the con.

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