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[Elsword KR] Profession System: Blacksmith training (Subtitles added!!)

Step 1: buy gloves from npc (better for 80 lv or higher) Step 2: upgrade them as +4 with simple npc Step 3: dismantle with blacksmith

6 Replies to “[Elsword KR] Profession System: Blacksmith training (Subtitles added!!)”

  • I just want to say thank you. Halfway advance enhancing, wasting mithril gemstone, then thought this might be better and you confirmed it. A regular search for guide didn't give me this tip.
    Oh 1st area, and is that new map in KR? At 80?

  • Does the required level of the equipment affect how much EXP you get?

    Also, do you know if my profession level will remain if I change professions?  I'm considering changing most of my Blacksmiths/Alchemists to Treasure Hunters so that I only have one Blacksmith and one Alchemist per account.

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