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Emerson College to Pursue Alliance with Marlboro College

I have some very exciting news to share.
I’m pleased to let you know that the Emerson Board of Trustees has approved
the college’s intent to explore and pursue an extraordinary alliance with
Marlboro College. If approved by the Marlboro and Emerson trustees,
beginning next fall Marlboro undergraduates may elect to matriculate
and as tenured and tenure-track faculty may choose to teach at Emerson within
our individually designed interdisciplinary program, IDIP, which is
located in the Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies.
In turn, Marlboro will give to the College its endowment currently valued
at 30 million dollars and its real estate holdings appraised at more than
10 million dollars. In recognition of Marlboro’s 40 million dollar gift, the
Institute will be renamed the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and
Interdisciplinary Studies. Perhaps the best way to understand this transaction
is to think of the 40 million dollars in the same way one would think of an
individual making of 40 million dollar gift to endow an existing Emerson
program. In doing so the gift will permanently fund the Institute, and
increase Emerson’s endowment by 17%. If our alliance is approved, Marlboro
College will move its program to Emerson’s Boston campus in July of next
year. The alliance will keep the Marlboro legacy alive on our campus while it’s
undergraduates will be able to complete their degrees and their tenured and
tenure-track faculty will continue to teach. Established in 1946 in southern
Vermont, Marlboro is a remarkable tight-knit community of
scholars dedicated to independent learning and academic excellence.
Marlboro undergraduates create their own course of study much like our IDIP and
their third and fourth years the Marlboro undergraduate curriculum is
self directed through deep partnerships with faculty, culminating and a major
final project. Likewise, Emerson students enrolled in
our IDIP may design their own majors with faculty advisors. Marlboro
and Emerson are cultural allies. Each of our institutions value independence and
independent thinking, creativity, innovation, and experiential learning.
Each prepares independent young minds to lead boldly, to be daring, to take risks,
to take a stand for something, to make their voices heard, to express themselves
thoughtfully and powerfully, to make to create, and to do. Never before has there
been a more urgent call for those who can harness the power of their
creativity and passion to influence and shape our culture and society. This is a
quintessential win for both of our commonwealth of learning. Of course there
is much more work to be done to bring this vision to life. Our respective
communities will work diligently over the next several months to construct a
final agreement and develop a synergistic program that lifts up both
colleges and expands learning opportunities for Marlboro
undergraduates. In the next few weeks Emerson and Marlboro will each form
working groups on the essential elements of our alliance. These working groups
will meet both separately and jointly to propose various aspects of the
implementation of our alliance including but not limited to academic affairs,
student life, administration, human resources, fiduciary matters, and
governance. This work is to be completed in mid spring so that we can hammer out
and finalize contractual details. This is an exciting time for both of our
communities. Even though we’re at the very early stages of this exploration, I
am grateful that with this new alliance Emerson is even better poised to
continue our forward momentum now and well into the future.

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